‘You can’t ignore us. Here We Are’ — Brock Pierce on Blockchain Hub Davos 2023 – Tether Dollar (USDT/USD)

while World Economic Forum (WEF) The annual meeting begins in mid-January in Switzerland, at their parallel conference the Web3 community will be represented by – blockchain hub davos 2023,

three day program organized by casperlabs And CV LabsRuns from January 16-19 and is during the WEF meeting when some of the biggest leaders from business, academia and government are in town.
“The crypto community has created an entire by south southwest Type secondary event for the World Economic Forum,” bitcoin foundation chair brock pierce Told Benzinga. “Lots of places, lots of conversations, lots of parties. It’s something that didn’t exist until the crypto community basically showed up and said, ‘You can’t ignore us; we’re here.’”

Pierce, a billionaire investor and 2020 US presidential candidate, is also the founder of lanyard USDT/USD,

“It’s really great to meet and greet and develop relationships,” he said.

Last year, Pierce spoke at the 2022 WEF Annual Meeting. Benzinga asked him about the convergence between traditional economic and policy leaders with the crypto space, and how well we can expect the assembled legislators and business leaders to understand Web3 issues.

“I think there’s still a learning curve,” he said. “I think what has changed is the level of interest. I think the general consensus is that this technology is real, with real benefits, and people need to start learning. And so people are looking at those methods.” Noting what they didn’t.”

CV Labs chair Florian Kohler Appreciated the event in prepared statement,

“We are excited to host Davos, the blockchain hub here in Switzerland, which has the most mature global blockchain ecosystem and whose secure regulatory landscape is critical to the blockchain world,” said Kohler.

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