WonderBrite Joins PetalFast’s Route-Through Market Sales Cannabis Platform

petalfast to enter Partnerships with Wonderbrat. Wonderbrett joins a growing portfolio of brands represented by Petalfast throughout the state of California and across the country.

“Wonderbret’s extensive genetic library has been built through decades of evolution, and their full-bodied flavor and aromatic terpene profile have made the brand a staple in modern cannabis culture,” said the Petalfast CEO. Jason Vygotsky, “Their rich history of ultra-premium flower production has earned them a loyal following and lifelong customer base throughout the state of California. We look forward to helping Petalfast drive their products into new distribution channels while enhancing Petalfast’s offerings for our retail customers.” Look forward to implementing your proven sales and territory and business marketing strategy.

In addition to flowers, Wonderbrett’s signature strains are available in live resin cartridges and solventless rosin fruit chews that meet a variety of consumer needs. Using quality glass tanks with ceramic atomizers and tips, the company’s distillate-free, 100% live resin cartridges contain genuine terpenes and zero additives. Wonderbreat’s Solventless Rosin Fruit Chews feature six curated pairings of cannabis made with 100% real fruit puree imported from France to deliver a truly potent and uniquely delicious food experience. The vegan- and gluten-free fruits are all-natural, contain zero artificial ingredients or preservatives, and are available in strain-specific varieties: Pineapple OG, Melon OG, Orange Banana, Papaya, Strawberry Bliss, and Peach OZ.

The inclusion of Wonderbrat comes amid significant growth for Petalfast, which in recent months announced its expansion into Michigan, Massachusetts and Arizona MarketWith all new partnership With AIRO Brands, Auntie Aloha, Bloom BrandsConsensus Holdings, Legion of Bloom, and Life Cannabis Company.

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photo by Tim Foster Feather unsplash

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