When to Fire a Personal Injury Lawyer and Hire a New One

Getting involved in legal proceedings for a personal injury accident is not a desirable situation. From paperwork to potential fees, the entire process means you’ll have a lot to consider, so a lack of knowledge on your attorney’s part can be detrimental to your case. Many of the lawsuits filed are for the purpose of allowing the affected party to receive medical treatment that would otherwise be impossible to cover. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people who hire a personal injury attorney and at some point in the process begin to believe that they are not being represented adequately.

The judicial system of the United States establishes that every citizen has the right to a fair trial, for which the state provides the right to counsel to all persons, whether criminal or civil. If, for any reason, a person feels that it is no longer possible to work with the lawyer they have hired, it is essential that they know they have the right to fire them and hire a new lawyer.

In many cases, a lawyer’s dismissal is due to the lack of commitment he shows with the case he represents, which creates a feeling of insecurity in the client. Some of the most common reasons for a client to fire their attorney include:

  • The lawyer isn’t doing enough to win the case
  • not investing enough time or resources in the process
  • Does not maintain constant and effective communication

It may also be that the client does not agree or feel comfortable with the way the lawyer is handling the situation, or simply does not trust the client (depending on the lawyer’s behavior) to continue with the representation. enough for. For this.

Before terminating your current attorney, it is important to review the terms of your contract, particularly as it pertains to termination of services. Any contract with an attorney should specify how to pay for services and how long your case has taken up to that point. Keeping yourself informed about this can help you make more efficient decisions, and may even avoid making some payments that are not covered by the contract.

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