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use of artificial intelligence Business is on the rise, and marketers are eager to learn how to take advantage of this for new and unique campaigns.

Marketers using AI images for campaigns after weighing the pros and cons of AI imagery

Creating high-quality imagery and collateral is a time-consuming and expensive process, but the introduction of AI imagery can save businesses money and time. However, the software’s sudden popularity has raised concerns about its ethics in the creative community – questioning whether its use should be encouraged in the first place.

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In this post, we’ll define AI imagery and tell you what you need to know before incorporating it into your business strategy in 2023.

AI Images is the new, trendy way to generate engaging images for search queries – without the wait. They work by scouring search engine results to create content similar to content already on Google, with the ability to combine keywords to create something new.

For example, if you search “Vincent van Gogh” In Google Images, you will see many famous paintings by the artist as well as self-portraits. find now, “Basketball Moves” And you’ll see players in dynamic postures on the court. AI image software can take features from these search queries and create images like this:

“Vincent Van Gogh showing off his basketball moves”

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While this technology is fun and exciting to explore, its use is a point of struggle for many marketers looking to incorporate new strategies for image building. Let’s discuss why you should or should not use it marketing plan,

Pros and Cons of AI Imagery

Pros and Cons of AI Imagery

Pros of AI Imagery

1. It is a cost-effective alternative to hiring illustrators or other designers.

Searching for different ways to cut costs for many businesses recession Or for smaller companies that don’t have the budget to expand their teams, using AI imagery software can be much more cost-effective than hiring illustrators or graphic designers.

Depending on the program, this technology can cost as little as $20 per month – or, in some apps, even free. Having unique content without the cost of human labor can be a huge value addition to a business.

2. AI images create content quickly.

The magic of AI imagery lies in the turnaround time. Commissioned digital artwork takes time and clear direction before it is complete. This software can perform a person search query and return multiple image results within a minute.

3. AI Images can create unique looking content for your needs.

AI image software works on the keywords you provide to create content that meets your business needs. Without an intermediary to exchange ideas or compromise, you can get the results you want.

Cons of AI Imagery

1. AI images build off of other people’s work and can replace jobs.

There is a lot of fear behind the popularization of AI in business, especially for artists. As automation increases and businessmen supplement manual labor with machine, the future is uncertain for those whose specialty is reduced to a software feature.

It’s also worth noting that for AI image software to improve, it must build on what already exists. It would be problematic for someone to clearly copy a piece of art, and that is essentially what AI image applications do. The software does not credit the original artists it imitates, raising concerns about the integrity and legality of the practice.

2. AI image quality needs to be more consistent.

While AI is slowly becoming more intuitive, its product cannot render “perfect” images. The resulting artwork can sometimes seem odd or confusing, producing things like odd body proportions or creating architecture that defies the laws of physics. Some of the funniest image results from AI image generators I’ve seen are about how bad they are at generating hands.

Disadvantages of AI imagery: Image quality is not guaranteed nor consistent

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3. AI images still have to be checked and edited by people.

Because the results of AI image generators may be imperfect, they must be tested by the public before being approved for any commercial use. Marketers should expect team members to check and edit images for lewd or distasteful images – as some image results may be offensive or out of touch.

AI Image Generator

1. Dal-e 2

Pricing: free

AI Image Generator: Dl-e 2

image Source

The DALL-E 2 is arguably one of the most advanced AI image generators on the market. Produced by OpenAIAn Artificial Intelligence Research Lab established in 2015, it is highly advanced and generates accurate and detailed depictions of search queries.

What we like:

  • Generates batches of images per single search query
  • Editing capabilities are built-in to the software

2. jasper art

Pricing: $40/month, contact seller for custom plan

AI Image Generator: Jasper Art

image Source

JasperArts is the platform trusted by over 70,000 leading brands, agencies and content creators. Its AI image generator promises users the perfect picture to match their message and aims to help marketers get the image they want without having to scroll through a stock image gallery to find it.

What we like:

  • Provides high-resolution images suitable for printmaking
  • Creates four AI images at once

3. Dream by WOMBO

Pricing: Dream Premium; $4.99/month

AI Image Generator: Dream by Wombo

image Source

Dream by WOMBO is a Canadian artificial intelligence software platform that turns your ideas into AI-powered paintings in seconds. The creators aim to provide the world with AI-powered tools to immerse themselves in entertainment. With over 65 million app installs, it is a popular software.

What we like:

  • available on mobile devices
  • Ability to categorize and sort through existing creations

4. crayons

Pricing: free

AI Image Generator: Crayon

image Source

Crayon formerly known as DAL-e Mini is a quick and straightforward software that creates interesting images in seconds. Although it does not have editing capabilities, it offers the service for free and with no signup.

What we like:

  • It does not require registration or login for use
  • Generates nine images per search query

5. Night Cafe

Pricing: contact sellerAI Image Generator: Nightcafe

image Source

Nightcafe is an AI image generator capable of creating art based on descriptive text and genre categories. The high-resolution results are unmatched compared to alternative platforms and can create content suitable for physical print.

What we like:

  • five free images per day
  • Wide variety of art styles in catalog

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable using these AI-powered image generators, there are more generic and resourceful solutions for you to consider.

AI image option

AI Imagery Alternatives in Marketing

You might not be able to create images in less than a minute, but you can still create quality and creative visuals for your business without potential plagiarism or negative feedback.

AI images are an imperfect art and solution.

Using new technologies for business is always exciting for marketers, but it comes with uncertainties. I recommend that marketers be cautious before using AI images for commercial purposes, unless there are regulations on what can be cropped for content creation. But for those interested in giving it a try, we hope you create the images you need to achieve your goals.

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