We’re so obsessed with Christmas that we’ve got 133 decorated trees in our house

This Canadian couple’s crib has burnt down.

Tom Kereluk and Vince Jackman say they are so looking forward to Christmas that they have made a wonderful 133 movie. tree in their house – On every floor and in every room, including the garage.

“They range anywhere from tiny, tiny guys to 12-foot trees in the house,” Jackman told CTV News in Calgary.

The pair — who live in Red Deer, a town in Alberta — trace the passion back to 15 years ago, when they reportedly opened their home to the public to show off 15 pruned trees.

CTV reports Kereluk hesitated to reveal how much she spent on the jewelry, but she claims many of the gifts came from friends or family members repurposing their own decorations.

decorated christmas tree
“They range anywhere from little, tiny guys to 12-foot trees that you have in the house,” Jackman told CTV News.
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Kereluk declared, “We are hoarders at heart.” “I just can’t throw anything out, so I make trees that have stuff i already have, or something I see in a thrift store. I just make something out of things that people would have thrown out.

Added Jackman: “My business clients cleaned out their house and donated all their old jewelry and everything like that, so we have some old ornaments for the trees this year.”

Couple’s Celebration of the Forest doubles as fundraiser Central Alberta Humane Society, he told the Red Deer Advocate So far this season, $7,000 has been raised between open houses and evenings of wine and cheesecake.

Over the years, he has reportedly raised over $30,000 for the animal shelter.

“Third-party fundraisers are the backbone for many charities like ours. Community involvement and community support matter a lot,” executive director Eve Sira told CTV.

“All the bills have gone up. Utilities have gone up. We work on very little staff, but it still costs us $1.4 million a year to run our facility.”

donate to animal shelter
The Tree-Mendes display serves as a fundraiser for the Central Alberta Humane Society.
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Five years ago, Kereluk and Jackman started an annual tour called “Sofia Celebrate Christmas” in memory of their beloved pet chihuahua.

“Every Christmas, if you couldn’t find her, she was always under some Christmas tree. Lying under the tree on a Christmas mat,” Jackman recalled of his prized dog. RDNewsNow last year,

The holiday house is due to reopen on December 30.

Two Las Vegas-themed trees in the basement are decorated with postcards and souvenirs.

“We’ve been to Las Vegas many times in the past, and we had all these room keys and little items that you get from Las Vegas,” Kereluk told CTV. “What I did was make a tree out of it. I was tired of putting them all in a box and putting them on a shelf.”

Kereluk and Jackman plan to keep their trees up until Ukrainian Christmas on January 7th. Then everything gets packed up until next October.

“There were about four new designs this year, along with several favorites – and next year we’re already planning new designs,” Jackman boasted to the Advocate.

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