Want to Work in the Cannabis Industry? Connecticut Is Looking To Fill Multiple Positions – Verano Holdings (OTC:VRNOF)

According to a recent study by a cannabis employment recruitment firm, Connecticut’s cannabis industry could generate more than 10,000 jobs in just a few years after the recreational market takes off. cannabis, informed of local media. according to 2022 Tri-State Cannabis Salary Guide10,500 cannabis jobs could to be built in the area by 2025.

“It is clear that the industry is already contributing greatly to Connecticut’s economy through engineers, lawyers and architects,” said Adam Wood, president of the Connecticut Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

Wood said firms in the state need people with industry-specific knowledge.

“There’s some really industry-specific knowledge related to farming and best practices. It’s farming, but it’s also lighting and technology and all those other parts,” Wood said. “Those people are in high demand.”

Companies are boosting hiring efforts in CT

Verano Holdings Corporation VRNO VRNOFWhich one? acquired medical cannabis cultivator ctppharma In 2021, Rocky Hill held a job fair in June, preceding the first adult-use sale in the state. Following the incident, Verano reduced its total Connecticut employees to 125, mostly in farming, production and development operations.

“When you look at the type of talent that we attract and bring on, you will see a very inspiring crew of people from all walks of life,” said Verano’s VP of talent acquisition. Michael Evans,

“There are people who are very experienced and just want to make a complete transition, and there are people who are really on the edge of the workforce and just haven’t been able to find ‘that’ job they are passionate about. Our Production needs will grow, so I definitely see a need to add more people. We have good space, good parking and the ability to expand in Rocky Hill,” said Evans.

ben zachFor Chief Operating Officer Connecticut based cannabis dispensary ok fatal This fall has received over 1,000 applications. Zachs expects Fine Fate to need to hire at least 200 employees in the near future. Its employees can earn anywhere from $18 an hour to a $90,000 salary (plus benefits).

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