Trump’s NFT collection accused of using stock and copyrighted images – Ethereum (ETH/USD)

Donald Trump’s recently nft collection releasedOne that has made hundreds of millions of dollars has come under fire for allegedly using copyrighted photos.

What happened: Some photos of the 45,000 NFT collection look suspicious, according to Twitter users.

Many designs seem to trump heads on stock photography, small apparel business websites, or even images of clothing available on Amazon and Walmart.

One design, which featured Trump as a fighter pilot, reportedly came from a Shutterstock photo.

On Twitter, a commenter questioned whether Trump had obtained permission from Reuters before using a photo of the former president playing golf, taken by one of his photographers.

“Even the folds in his pants are the same, lolz! Did Reuters flag this? Yes,” said the user.

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Some speculated that Trump would be sued for copyright infringement on the popular digital trading cards.

why it matters: The former president’s “major announcement” turned out to be the release of an NFT collection last week. They were sold at a price of $99 per NFT, and all 45,000 images were bought up immediately.

The digital trading cards feature Trump as a variety of characters, including superheroes, astronauts and cowboys.

Cheapest NFT, according to open seais 0.31 Ethereum ETH/USD, or $369.36 at the time of writing. A total of 6,619 ETH, or $7,799,221.03 worth of NFTs have been exchanged so far.

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Photo: Courtesy Gage Skidmore on flickr.

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