Top Mortgage Lenders in Wisconsin

We will now rank the top mortgage lenders in Wisconsin based on completed loan volume for the most recent year.

These are the largest lenders in the Badger State based on available HMDA data for 2021. Collectively, more than 800 lenders raised $70 billion in funding there during the year.

Interestingly, it appears that Wisconsinites are more likely to use their local companies rather than larger, national brands.

At least when it comes to home loans, as the top three mortgage companies are headquartered in the state.

Read on to see which companies led the way in mortgage origination in Wisconsin last year.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Wisconsin (Overall)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. summit cu $2.7 billion
2. affiliated bank $2.4 billion
3. UW Credit Union $2.4 billion
4. rocket hostage $2.3 billion
5. Wells Fargo $2.0 billion
6. chase $1.9 billion
7. us bank $1.8 billion
8. Landmark CU $1.8 billion
9. fairway independent $1.7 billion
10. Johnson Bank $1.6 billion

As mentioned, a Wisconsin-based lender topped the charts in 2021, according to HMDA data richie may,

It was none other than Madison-based Summit Credit Union, which last year raised $2.7 billion in funding in the state of Wisconsin.

In second place was Green Bay-based Associated Bank with about $2.4 billion, followed by Madison-based University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UW Credit Union) with $2.4 billion.

This is interesting for a few reasons — one is that the top three are all Wisconsin-based, and the other is that the top three include two credit unions and one bank.

This bucks the trend of non-bank mortgage lenders populating many other states across the country.

was in fourth Nation’s Top Mortgage Lender, rocket hostage, which raised $2.3 billion in funding. They happen to be located pretty close to Wisconsin.

And in fifth was San Francisco-based Wells Fargo with $2.0 billion, previously the top lender in the United States.

The rest of the top 10 included Chase, US Bank, Landmark Credit Union (New Berlin, WI), fairway independent mortgage (Madison, WI), and Johnson Bank (Racine, WI).

All told, six of the top 10 mortgage lenders in Wisconsin are located in the state, which is pretty impressive.

It may be ahead of all other states in terms of number of homegrown companies in the top-10 list.

Top Wisconsin Mortgage Lenders (For Home Buyers)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. affiliated bank $1.2 billion
2. fairway independent $1.1 billion
3. chase $878 million
4. us bank $649 million
5. summit cu $640 million
6. UW Credit Union $633 million
7. Johnson Bank $610 million
8. Wells Fargo $608 million
9. rocket hostage $467 million
10. neurez $442 million

If we look only at home purchase loans, Associated Bank took the top spot with $1.2 billion funded, followed by non-bank lender Fairway Independent Mortgage with $1.1 billion.

At number three is NYC-based Chase with $878 million, followed by US Bank with $649 million and Summit CU with $640 million.

Others on the top-10 list for home buyers include UW Credit Union, Johnson Bank, Wells Fargo, Rocket Mortgage and. neurez,

So when it came to lending to buy, five of the top 10 were located in Wisconsin. Still pretty impressive.

In general, consumers are attracted to local companies when buy a house,

Top Wisconsin Refinance Lenders (For Existing Homeowners)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. summit cu $1.8 billion
2. rocket hostage $1.8 billion
3. UW Credit Union $1.7 billion
4. Wells Fargo $1.4 billion
5. Landmark CU $1.4 billion
6. affiliated bank $1.2 billion
7. us bank $1.1 billion
8. chase $968 million
9. Johnson Bank $907 million
10. liberty mortgage $830 million

when it came mortgage refinanceAmazingly a Wisconsin-based lender still took the top spot, but just barely.

Summit CU raised nearly $1.8 billion in funding last year, enough to beat Rocket Mortgage’s similar tally.

UW Credit Union ranked third with $1.7 billion, followed by Wells Fargo with $1.4 billion and Landmark CU with $1.4 billion.

The rest of the best include Associated Bank, US Bank, Chase, Johnson Bank and liberty mortgage,

Once again, five of the top 10 were Wisconsin-based mortgage lenders, another feat for the home team.

Best Wisconsin Mortgage Lenders (by customer rating)

Now let’s look at the top rated Wisconsin mortgage lenders based on actual customer reviews as opposed to just loan amount.

While Summit CU comes out in the top overall, mortgage-related reviews for credit unions are harder to find. The same goes for banks, as they provide a wide range of services apart from home loans.

If we consider only mortgage lenders, A+ Mortgage Services, Inc. of Muskego. has the best rating on Zillow, 4.99/5 from over 400 reviews.

Several other Wisconsin-based lenders have 4.98/5 scores, including Waterstone Mortgage Corp. McGlone Mortgageand Inlanta Mortgage.

Not far away is Fairway Independent Mortgage (4.95/5), homefinity (4.95/5), and go hostage (4.90/5).

Meanwhile, US Bank has 4.98/5 on Zillow, Wells Fargo and Chase have 4.95/5, and Rocket Mortgage has 4.48/5.

So the big guys and the local companies are all very well regarded. But take the time to research companies, ask friends/family for referrals, and get multiple rate quotes.

Doing so will increase your chances of having a positive home loan experience.

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