Top Mortgage Lenders in Nevada

It’s time to check out the top mortgage lenders in Nevada based on their total loan volume.

Last year, more than 600 mortgage companies invested $68 billion in The Silver State.

But there can only be one #1, and that honor goes to a company you’ve probably heard of.

Yes, Rocket Mortgage was the top lender in the state, and by a huge margin.

Read on to see which other companies made the top 10 list.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Nevada (Overall)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. rocket hostage $4.4 billion
2. guild hostage $2.9 billion
3. Wells Fargo $2.6 billion
4. us bank $2.6 billion
5. pennymac $2.5 billion
6. uwm $2.4 billion
7. loandepot $2.4 billion
8. liberty mortgage $2.2 billion
9. chase $1.6 billion
10. home point $1.4 billion

Detroit based rocket hostage A solid $4.4 billion in home loan lending in the state of Nevada in 2021, according to HMDA data richie may,

This was a billion more than necessary to beat second place. guild hostageWhich is based out of San Diego and generated $2.9 billion.

In third place was San Francisco-based Wells Fargo with $2.6 billion, followed by US Bank at $2.6 billion.

Another California-based lender in the top five was, pennymacWhich raised $2.5 billion in funding.

United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), which works exclusively with mortgage broker Through the wholesale lending channel, came in sixth with about $2.4 billion.

LoanDepo in the rest of the top 10, liberty mortgageand JPMorgan Chase.

No big surprises on the list, but there aren’t any Nevada-based mortgage companies either.

Top Nevada Mortgage Lenders (For Home Buyers)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. guild hostage $1.7 billion
2. us bank $1.6 billion
3. uwm $1.1 billion
4. Wells Fargo $968 million
5. pennymac $866 million
6. chase $758 million
7. loandepot $726 million
8. rocket hostage $697 million
9. guaranteed rate $601 million
10. home point $594 million

When we only include home purchase loans, Guild Mortgage is #1 with $1.7 billion funded, followed by US Bank with $1.6 billion.

In third place was UWM with $1.1 billion, a testament to the state’s widespread use of mortgage brokers to finance home purchases.

Fourth place with $968 million went to Wells Fargo, which continues to win the mortgage business despite its many controversies.

In fifth place was PennyMac with $866 million – they do a lot of business through correspondent lending Channels where smaller banks and credit unions resell their products.

Chase, the remaining five companies in the top 10 loandepotrocket hostage, guaranteed rateAnd home point,

Once again, there are zero Nevada-based mortgage lenders in the mix, which is surprising since home purchase loans are typically dominated by hometown companies.

However, Las Vegas-based All Western Mortgage managed to come in at number 11 in this category.

Top Nevada Refinance Lenders (For Existing Homeowners)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. rocket hostage $3.6 billion
2. liberty mortgage $1.9 billion
3. loandepot $1.7 billion
4. pennymac $1.6 billion
5. Wells Fargo $1.5 billion
6. uwm $1.3 billion
7. guild hostage $1.2 billion
8. mr cooper $871 million
9. us bank $867 million
10. chase $803 million

In our focus on mortgage refinancing, Rocket Mortgage was easily at the top with $3.6 billion funded.

This was almost twice as much as Freedom Mortgage, which managed only $1.9 billion in refinance. they all Top VA Lenders And primarily a refinance specialist.

In third place was LonDepot with $1.7 billion, followed by PennyMac with $1.6 billion and Wells Fargo with $1.5 billion.

California-based companies seem to be making the move (besides Rockets of Michigan), which may have something to do with its geographic location bordering Nevada.

Others in the top 10 include UWM, Guild Mortgage, mr cooperUS Bank and Chase.

Best Nevada Mortgage Lender?

As noted, none of the top 10 lenders (by volume) are Nevada-based companies. Instead, most are headquartered in nearby California.

While it is understandable, some people may be interested in a local lender, as it can instill confidence when dealing with an important life decision such as buying a home.

I went to Zillow to find some customer reviews, and found that All Western Mortgage, Inc. had the most reviews, with over 700. And more importantly, he has a 4.99/5 rating as of this writing.

That’s pretty unbeatable, although as mentioned, they only managed to finish 11th in the buyout category and 13th overall in the state of Nevada.

Still, when going up against the big boys, it’s not a bad ranking.

There is also Valley West Mortgage out of Vegas with a 4.73/5 rating from over 200 reviews, as well as Pinnacle Lending Group, Inc. (4.96/5) and Loan Mortgage (also 4.96/5), both with over 100 reviews.

There appear to be many smaller entities operating within the state, some likely independent mortgage brokers with their own shops.

As far as national brands are concerned, they also have strong reviews on Zillow, with 4.48/5 with Rocket Mortgage, 4.96/5 with Guild Mortgage, and 4.95/5 with Wells Fargo.

So whether you live large or small, far away or local, you should be able to find a reliable mortgage partner in the state of Nevada.

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