Top Mortgage Lenders in Hawaii

Today we will be examining the top mortgage lenders in Hawaii based on total loan volume.

These companies closed the most home loans in the Aloha State last year, outpacing nearly 300 others doing business there.

In general, there are fewer mortgage companies operating in the state of Hawaii, so you only see the big household names with local banks and credit unions.

Still, one company managed to generate much more than the competition, making them the go-to place for mortgages in Hawaii.

Read on to see which bank or mortgage company is ranked #1 in Hawaii.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Hawaii (Overall)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. bank of hawaii $3.0 billion
2. loandepot $2.0 billion
3. First Hawaiian Bank $1.9 billion
4. liberty mortgage $1.8 billion
5. American Savings Bank (HI) $1.6 billion
6. rocket hostage $1.4 billion
7. uwm $1.4 billion
8. Central Pacific Bank (HI) $1.3 billion
9. guaranteed rate $1.2 billion
10. home point $1.0 billion

First up was Honolulu’s own Bank of Hawaii, which funded $3 billion in mortgages through 2021. richie may,

That was a billion more than the second-place SoCal-based loandepotWhich generated a respectable $2 billion there.

In third was another Hawaiian institution, First Hawaiian Bank, based in Honolulu, with about $1.9 billion.

Taking fourth place was Boca Raton, Florida liberty mortgage With $1.8 billion, it is followed by Honolulu-based American Savings Bank (HI) with $1.6 billion.

Others to land in the top 10 include rocket hostageUnited Wholesale Mortgage, Central Pacific Bank (HI), Guaranteed Rate and HomePoint.

Overall, four of the top 10 mortgage lenders in Hawaii are based out of Honolulu. Not surprising as local names do the most business there.

Top Hawaii Mortgage Lenders (For Home Buyers)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. bank of hawaii $881 million
2. guaranteed rate $698 million
3. First Hawaiian Bank $672 million
4. american pacific mortgage $616 million
5. loandepot $577 million
6. uwm $547 million
7. american savings bank $530 million
8. Central Pacific Bank $488 million
9. liberty mortgage $435 million
10. Wells Fargo $375 million

When looking at home purchase loans as a whole, Bank of Hawaii remains the leader with $881 billion in funding.

Chicago was located in the second guaranteed rate First Hawaiian Bank followed closely at $698 million, with $672 million.

In fourth place was Roseville, CA. american pacific mortgage With $616 million, followed by loanDepot with $577 million.

The rest of the best included UWM, American Savings Bank (HI), Central Pacific Bank, Freedom Mortgage and finally Wells Fargo.

This means that half of the top 10 home purchase lenders in the state of Hawaii are located in Hawaii.

Top Refinance Lenders in Hawaii (For Existing Homeowners)

grade name of the company 2021 loan amount
1. bank of hawaii $2.0 billion
2. loandepot $1.4 billion
3. liberty mortgage $1.4 billion
4. rocket hostage $1.2 billion
5. First Hawaiian Bank $1.0 billion
6. american savings bank $967 million
7. uwm $814 million
8. home point $770 million
9. Central Pacific Bank $751 million
10. pennymac $602 million

if we are talking mortgage refinance Only those reserved for existing homeowners, Bank of Hawaii topped the list with $2 billion funded.

They were followed by LonDepot with $1.4 billion funded by Refis and Freedom Mortgage with a similar amount.

Rocket Mortgage ranked fourth with $1.2 billion, and First Hawaiian Bank ranked fifth with $1.0 billion in loan origination volume.

American Savings Bank (HI), UWM, home pointCentral Pacific Bank, and pennymac Made it to the rest of the top 10.

For Refice, four of the top 10 were Hawaii-based, the same as the overall total.

Best Hawaii Mortgage Lender

We have discussed the largest mortgage lenders in Hawaii. Now let’s talk about the top rated ones based on customer reviews.

I usually turn to Zillow for customer reviews because they are completely mortgage-focused, even for banks and credit unions that offer other non-mortgage products.

As far as mortgage companies are concerned, Element Mortgage Hawaii (DBA of American Pacific Mortgage) had the most reviews and a 4.94/5 rating.

Followed by Ohana First Mortgage with 184 reviews and a 4.99/5 rating from Hawaii Mortgage Company, Inc. out of 176 reviews. With a rating of 4.93/5 and 161 reviews Smart Money Inc. The overall score is (5/5).

Some of these companies operate as mortgage brokerWhich allows them to partner with wholesale lenders and make purchases on your behalf.

Larger companies also have rave reviews on Zillow, including LoanDepo (4.9/5), Freedom Mortgage (4.85/5), Rocket Mortgage (4.48/5), Guaranteed Rate (4.96/5), and HomePoint (4.89/5) Huh.

Overall, there are a lot of good lender options in the state of Hawaii, including big household names, local Hawaii companies, and local individual mortgage brokers. Be sure to explore them all.

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