Tito’s Vodka Enlists Martha Stewart for DIY January

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Tito's Vodka partnered with Martha Stewart for DIY January campaign

participating in dry january, Martha Stewart has some tips for how to use your Tito’s vodka if you’re not drinking it.

The Vodka Company and Lifestyle Maven Partnered to Create “DIY January,” a Campaign Showcasing Different Ways Tito’s DIY January Kit Can be used around the house, served with a splash of humour.

Although the ad’s placement is clearly a joke, it underscores an emerging trend in conscious alcohol consumption.

Drizly reports significant growth in non-alcoholic beverage sales in January 2022 — a 48% bounce From the previous year’s non-alcoholic beverage sales. In the same report, Drizly also noted products that were considered “lighter,” such as clean wine and hard seltzer, were the top-selling products last January.

According to Gallup, alcohol consumption for American adults is on the decline And Gen Z’s drinking patterns may be influencing the shift.

Compared to Millennials, Gen Z spends more 40% less money They are less likely to binge on alcohol and consume alcohol regularly. a survey by numerator found that Gen Z’s alcohol consumption and shopping habits are influenced by concern about how it affects their mood, behavior and social media presence.

The same themes may hold true for the younger members of Gen Z, as one has been decline in drinking at a young age over the past decade. If younger generations continue to show less interest in drinking than their predecessors, campaigns like DIY January (minus the sarcasm) could become the new norm for brands appealing to sober-curious consumers.

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