This company is looking to transform the AgTech industry with the help of some strategic M&A — Agriforce Growing Systems (NASDAQ: AGRI), FMC (NYSE: FMC) .

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As Christmas approaches, Agriforce Growing Systems Limited agriculture Looking back at a series of exciting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and looking forward to a new 2023.

AgriFORCE is an agricultural technology company using cutting-edge innovations and leveraging a strong Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio to find solutions for the future of food development and growth to meet the demands of a growing population .

Company has recently announced and pending series of acquisitionsincluding data and consulting company Delphi Groupbiotech company Deroz Plants NV and IP Manna Nutrition Group (MNG). this form Part of its growth model for the future.

building on four pillars

Agriforce’s clear mission for the agriculture industry is supported by four pillars:

1) Convenience and light design. The company provides controlled-environment farming solutions with an emphasis on innovative designs. These harness the power of natural sunlight within a controlled facility to create optimal plant growth conditions.

2) Automation and artificial intelligence. Its facilities use state-of-the-art development technology through artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to harness the full genetic potential of the product while minimizing resources and costs.

3) Fertigation and nutrients, Broadcasting its technological advantage, AgriFORCE utilizes low feed applications for high yields that simultaneously minimize environmental impact.

4) Micropropagation and genetics, Using IP as well as tissue culture developments, the company uses asexual propagation to produce healthy and strong plants.

Agriforce has strengthen your commitment these pillars through its recently closed and pending acquisitions. European Agricultural Technology (AgTech) Consultancy Company Delphi is expected to join Agriforce soon, Bringing its expertise in innovation and solutions to the agriculture and controlled-environment sectors. Expanding the company’s global reach, the pending Delphi acquisition will continue Agriforce’s solutions development through “top-tier R&D capabilities, a more diversified product pipeline, enhanced IP development capabilities and a wider footprint.”

The company also announced Received Food Processing & Development IP from Mng. It includes patent-pending technologies to enhance natural grain health, enhancing AgriFORCE’s commitment to providing nutrient-rich, low-impact foods. Muller commented on the Manna IP acquisition, “This acquisition is in line with our broader strategy of leveraging our IP to meet the growing demand for healthy, tasty and nutritious foods.”

Another company AgriFORCE has publicly announced a binding letter leading to tissue-culture and young plants company deros plants. This commitment strengthens the company’s position in key markets and provides it with new capacity to grow its micropropagation and genetics portfolio.

These closed (Manna) and pending (Delphi and Deros) acquisitions represent a reinforcement of Agriforce’s position in the agritech market and complement each of its mission-driven pillars. Other companies operating in the agtech sector include FMC Corporation fmc And Tyson Foods Inc. tsn,

The company is excited for 2023 as it looks to launch its (UN)THINK Foods brand of high-protein, high-fiber, low-carb cereals. Anticipating the closing of the announced acquisition paired with future M&A in Next Generation Proteins, the company continues its vertical integration journey to position itself as AgTech 2.0. AgriFORCE is focused and excited for further growth for 2023!

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