Theory Wellness Opening Cannabis Dispensary in Brattleboro, Vermont

principle welfare Will open its doors to the company adult-use dispensary This Friday in Vermont at 9PM ET. The new retail location is located at 768 Putney Road in Brattleboro in the Fairfield Plaza Shopping Center. This latest location will be its eighth, but will have a different approach from Theory’s operations in Massachusetts and Maine.

“Vermont has one of the most interesting regulatory models on the East Coast for cannabis,” stated Brandon Pollock, CEO of Theory Wellness. “An emphasis on streamlined licensing for craft farmers will allow for a great mix of high quality products in our dispensary. By focusing on retail, we look forward to showcasing this unique network of local farmers, many of whom produce high quality Producing products that will last. Flowers for years.”

As part of the launch, Theory will donate 10% of net profits Vermont Natural Resources Council, an organization that protects Vermont’s natural environment. Theory will be one of about 30 recreational dispensaries in Vermont when it opens its doors on Wednesday.

To date, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board has approved over 250 licenses for cultivation sites across the state. Theory Wellness Brattleboro, located at 768 Putney Road, will be open daily from 9am to 9pm. This location adds 10 new jobs to the city in addition to a related contribution of 14% in excise duty on sales.

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photo by Esteban Lopez But unsplash

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