The new groundbreaking software solution for seed-to-sale cannabis operators is here! Thanks to Duchy & Trim

Cannabis tech company Duchy has partnered with marijuana cultivation software provider Trium. The two companies confirmed the integration on Tuesday that will provide enhanced functionality for vertically integrated businesses.

Recent price contraction in several major cannabis markets has prompted cannabis operators to focus on optimizing yields and reducing farm operating expenses. Trium and Duchy partnership allows operators To streamline operations by leveraging the processing, distribution and retail functionality of Duchy POS as well as the farm management and precision agriculture functionality of Trium.

“Dutchy works to solve the biggest problems facing the cannabis industry. As it relates to vertical operators, success begins in cultivation,” stated john bond, Director of Partnership in the Duchy. “Our partnership with Trime combines our expertise in cannabis retail technology with Trime’s best-in-class cultivation software, providing a turnkey solution from seed to sale that will bring massive benefits to our customers.”

The new collaboration enables operators to use software features as well as integrated hardware solutions such as:

  • Team management and customizable work workflows
  • Crop Steering Module and Wireless Sensor Platform
  • Bluetooth Scale Enabled Mobile Harvesting
  • Seamless and compliant retail capabilities including in-person delivery
  • advanced inventory management
  • Unified Payments

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