The Marketing Power of $17 Smoothies

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How grocery chain Erewhon is leveraging content creator partnerships to grow into a lifestyle brand

The luxury grocery chain may be familiar to you if you’ve spent any time on #WellnessTok erevon, With eight locations in Los Angeles, the store carries organic, niche products and has a reputation for being buggy.

Over the years, the store has turned its smoothie bar into an unlikely marketing machine for beauty, skincare, and lifestyle brands that reach far beyond Los Angeles shoppers.

Tinx Smoothie, named after popular tiktok creator, began in 2021 as an off-menu item and was based on custom smoothies she ordered by visiting the store. Because Tinx followed her L.A.-based recommendations and posted frequently about her love for Erewon, a collaboration with the series was a natural fit.

In 2022, the grocery chain made working with popular creators and entrepreneurs a regular part of its business strategy, with new drinks appearing on the menu every month for between $14-$17.

Perhaps the most popular was when Erewon partnered summer friday co founder Mariana Hewitt A nod to the skincare brand’s hero product, to offer Coconut Cloud Smoothie jet lag mask,

The smoothie quickly went viral (I think the color had something to do with it) with users on social media posting about themselves receiving the smoothie from Erewon and recreating their own versions at home. Sure enough, I went to my local Erevon and dropped $17 for the Coconut Cloud due to research.

After the Coconut Cloud smoothie went viral, the collaborations kept coming.

Hailey Bieber partnered with Erewhon to offer Strawberry Skin Glaze Smoothie To promote the launch of your skincare brand road In the summer of 2022.

creator Lauryn Bostick joined forces with Erewon to create the pink drink as her lifestyle brand the skinny confidential Expanded its product line.

Even the Kardashians got in on the action with this Push Potion Detox Smoothie After names Kourtney Kardashian’s lifestyle brand Erewhon’s Smoothie Bar is popping up on the menu.

whether users posted about smoothies because they really liked them, make your own version at homeOr sorry about the price, there’s no denying that these collaborations have been major conversation-starters on social media.

These partnerships and the ensuing viral moments helped make Erevon a common name outside of the LA wellness community and are poised for the brand to take a bigger share of the beauty and lifestyle space in the years to come.

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