The 8 Best Project Management Podcasts To Listen To In 2022

The project management field is growing. By 2027, employers There will be 88 million PM rolesAccording to the Project Management Institute. To take advantage of new opportunities, PMs must stay up-to-date with industry trends and insights.

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Whether you’re an industry professional or just starting out in your career, we’ve gathered 8 of the best project management podcasts to help you on your journey. These podcasts cover a wide variety of topics from company culture to organizational leadership.

Take a deep dive below.

1. Manage It — Project Management Podcast

Best Project Management Podcast, Manage It

This podcast offers an inside look into every aspect of project management. In each episode, Crowe and Yates share insider information and actionable tips. Recent discussion topics include the challenges of managing remotely, reshaping project innovation, and building culture.

What we like: Crowe and Yates invite various subject matter experts onto the show. The conversation ranges from advice for anyone just starting out in project management to leadership tips – including how to manage uncertainty.

2. PM Point of View

Best Project Management Podcast, Afternoon Viewpoint

This podcast comes from the Project Management Institute in Washington, DC Plus you’ll collect a comprehensive perspective on project management. Host Kendall Lott brings experience from roles within project management and the C-suite. The guests also come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries.

What we like: This podcast provides a wealth of knowledge. Each episode includes useful tips and advice for PMs of all skill levels.

3. Project Management Happy Hour

Project Management Podcast, PM Happy Hour

In each episode, Essendrup and Andersen cover a common problem in project management today. Then they dive into practical advice and real-life examples. In addition to industry insight and tips, the hosts provide thoughtful case studies.

What we like: Each episode feels like a casual chat with your friends. If you are looking for a podcast that provides honest conversation about real world issues in project management, this is the podcast for you.

4. Digital Project Manager Podcast

Best Project Management Podcast, The Digital Project Manager Podcast

The Digital Project Manager Podcast provides inspiration, how-to guides, tips, tricks, tools, actionable advice, and thought-provoking stories. Episodes cover everything under the project management umbrella – including managing budgets and expectations, setting benchmarks, and the factors driving digital transformation.

What we like: Host Galen Low goes beyond simply discussing industry trends. He engages with guests and gives actionable advice that will help you with every aspect of project management.

5. biker pm

Project Management Podcast, The Biker PM

Biker PM is the perfect project management podcast for small businesses. Host Anthony Pavlich brings in entrepreneurs and small business owners to discuss the project management challenges they face. Here, they dissect what worked, what didn’t, and how new startups navigate.

What we like: The discussions on The Biker PM can benefit any small business owner or entrepreneur who needs guidance on how to avoid the pitfalls of project management.

6. Projected

Best BProject Management Podcast, Projectified

Created by the Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people leading strategic initiatives that deliver value to their organizations. Guests include a wide range of senior and emerging project managers, business leaders from Fortune 500 companies and startups, best-selling authors, top researchers and leading thinkers.

What we like: Projectify is produced by the Project Management Institute, a purpose-built professional membership organization for project management. You can count on the podcast’s content being accurate and in line with industry standards.

7. People & Projects Podcast

Project Management Podcast, People & Projects Podcast

This podcast focuses on the intersection of people and projects – where work gets done in the real world. Here you’ll learn management tips that can help your team stay on track and collaborate on big-ticket items.

What we like: If you want to take a fresh look at project management, then this podcast is for you. Host Andy Kaufman and his guests cover a variety of topics, from skill development to surprising ways you already use project management in your daily life.

8. project management heaven

Project Management Podcast, Project Management Heaven

This podcast delivers real project management tips and tricks from experts around the world. Host Aaron Murphy talks with business leaders, entrepreneurs and project managers to provide thoughtful insight.

What we like: After each episode, you’ll walk away with solid guidance and understanding to help you conquer real-world challenges. This includes managing change, changing organizational behavior, and creating a project management style that aligns with your company culture.

choosing the right podcast

If you’re looking to gain more actionable insights or expand your skills as a project manager, consider adding these podcasts to your rotation.

From industry newcomers to longtime project managers, both can learn something new from these shows. Plus, you’ll collect tips that can take your project management skills to the next level.

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