Small Business Owner Success Stories for 2022

The past few years have been challenging for small businesses. However, there have been numerous success stories, Meet the owners of some of the most important recent businesses

Top Small Business Success Stories

taste of mumbai: Meet restaurant owners Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh

Owned by Joyal Gonsalves and cofounder Sarvinder Singh taste of mumbai, They are a pair of entrepreneurs who shared a business idea. They both wanted to open a restaurant that would introduce the people of their Hicksville, New York community to the food of their South Asian culture. He envisioned an establishment that could serve North and South Indian cuisine in a family and business friendly environment.

“Starting a new business is hard, and running a restaurant is not a one-man job. You need people who can take the responsibility and who can be there physically and mentally.

  • Joyal Gonsalves and Sarvinder Singh, Founding Partners of Taste of Mumbai

These two men faced a challenge that most young entrepreneurs face. He needed money for his new establishment. He applied for a business loan at his local bank but was denied, which is typical for many new businesses and first-year startups.

Entrepreneurs looked online and found other financing options Biz2Credit, He applied. The Biz2Credit funding specialist assigned to them took the time to learn about their financial situation and the two people who would be running the business. Biz2Credit approved his application. Soon after, a taste of Mumbai opened up.

Gonsalves recalls, “It was surprising that we were successful in such a short amount of time… Opening a restaurant is complicated, but Biz2Credit has made it remarkably simple.”

The money from Biz2Credit was used for:

  • business real estate renovation
  • inventory
  • equipment
  • trade promotion.

“I worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years, and it was my dream to open a restaurant. This dream has come true thanks to Biz2Credit,” says Gonsalves.

Today, Gonsalves and Singh serve exceptional South Asian cuisine to huge crowds of delighted customers.

Gavigan & Company: Meet Mike Gavigan

Mike Gavigan is a Founding Partner Gavigan & Company, is a Pasadena, California based firm that was founded in 2010. He has been a Certified Public Accountant and Small Business Consultant for over 15 years. Gavigan & Company provides affordable accounting, tax, payroll and financial advisory services to individuals and small businesses.

Mike found out about Biz2Credit AICPA Town Hall Webcast series. he used CPA Business Funding Portal To secure Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans for its clients after many traditional banks and lenders were unable to handle the volume of applications.

“We are recommending our customers look at other loan programs that Biz2Credit offers, in part, because of the technology platform and streamlined application process that it offers.”

  • Mike Gavigan, Founding Partner of Gavigan & Co.

He was impressed by the user-friendly platform and simplified funding process. They loved handling applications for all their customers in one place. He was also impressed by the wide range of financial products available through Biz2Credit. They decided to adjust their business model. they started using the word social media and other marketing efforts that he can help clients with business financing.

A new service that Mike offers is that his small business clients are filing their Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC), Problem: His clients had to wait for the IRS to release the money. He started taking ERTC loan through Biz2Credit to get quick funds. The ERTC loan amount Biz2Credit provided to Mike’s customers helped keep those small enterprises afloat.

With the help of Biz2Credit, Mike has taken his business to the next level by providing his customers with the funding they need to succeed.

Kolachi Grill: Meet Yusuf Razzaq

Yousuf Razzaq has Kolachi Grill With business partner Syed Nizami since 2020 in Hanover Park and Schaumburg, Illinois.

Soon after opening their doors, they were faced with the unexpected challenge of building a restaurant while most others were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After launching a successful Kolachi Grill location in Hanover Park, they soon found the opportunity to open another in Schaumburg, giving them the opportunity to serve delicious and healthy food to more people. For expansion, the business partners needed some cash as they were not earning enough at the restaurant before. He turned to Biz2Credit for financing.

“If Biz2Credit had not helped us, we would still be at our first location battling with employees and price wars. We were able to use the funding they provided to expand. He really helped us.”

  • Yusuf Razzak, owner of Kolachi Grill

Soon after the second location opened, it was hit by COVID-19. They stood firm. Yusuf and Syed improve the profile of their restaurant through good online reviews. Due to their growing reputation, word of mouth and local marketing, they successfully scaled their restaurant business while COVID-19 was raging. Keeping up with employee demands and inventory was a significant struggle. During that time he went to Biz2Credit for help.

After two years of development during the pandemic, Syed and Yousuf had the chance to open a third Kolachi Grill in a new location. He decided to go for it but had trouble getting conventional loans and credit lines from traditional banks. They were unwilling to take the risk of financing restaurant businesses during COVID-19. Biz2Credit saw the value of the company and decided to finance the new Kolachi Grill location despite the pandemic.

Yousaf credits the financing provided by Biz2Credit for making it possible for him to grow the restaurant business.

website depot: Introducing Danny Starr

Danny Starr is the founder and CEO of website depot, It is a full-service digital marketing, advertising, graphic design and consulting agency based in Southern California. Website Depot has offered marketing solutions since 2012. Over time Starr’s small business grew steadily. Eventually, he decided to rapidly expand his business and customer base. That’s when Biz2Credit got involved.

“My favorite part about being a small business owner are the challenges that come with it on a day-to-day basis. Marketing will never be boring for me. You never know which client will need your expertise and the sky really is the limit in this industry.

  • Danny Starr, Website Depot

Star wanted to provide marketing services in more cities and states. To achieve this, he needed to participate in industry exhibitions and events. This will help to establish Website Depot as a top tier digital marketing service provider across the country.

Starr realized that he would need money to achieve his objectives. He researched small business financing options. He discussed his financial needs with another small business owner, who recommended Biz2Credit. They found Biz2Credit’s fast funding and simple approval process attractive.

He contacted Biz2Credit and was connected with an in-house funding specialist. Star discussed his business plan and funding needs. After thoroughly understanding STAR, the funding expert explains the types of small business financing that might be right for Website Depot. Starr filed some paperwork to support the online application process, including her most recent business bank statements, and applied for working capital finance With Biz2Credit.

After a few days, the money from Biz2Credit was deposited directly into Starr’s business checking account.

Key Moves: Since receiving the cash, Starr has funded a number of strategic moves that have helped her small business grow significantly. He is on his way to becoming the owner of a multimillion dollar company.

choice hotel Franchiseek: Meet Ratan Soni

After graduating from high school, Ratan Soni studied hotel management in London, UK. He worked for some of the renowned hotel brands including Hyatt and IHG. After many years working for other people, Ratan decided it was time to start his own business. decided to invest in hotel franchise, As a first step, he started Shree Investments LLC.

Once his limited liability company (LLC) was established, Ratan purchased the Choice Hotels franchise. He has owned the Sleep Inn & Suites since 2004. Ratan’s wife Amita also helps with the operations of the hotel, managing several members of his team. She also serves as the hotel’s sales and marketing manager. The events that Anita plans contribute greatly to the organization’s bottom line.

In 2018, Ratan decided to renovate his hotel to improve the guest experience. Maintaining adequate cash flow and working capital became a challenge once the reforms were completed. The COVID-19 pandemic only made things worse. Hotels were hit particularly hard because of stay-at-home orders. All activities that brought a regular flow of customers to Ratan’s hotel were put on hold.

Ratan researched small business financing options. He found Biz2Credit online. They were pleased to learn about Biz2Credit’s simple application and approval process. After contacting a funding specialist, Ratan gathered his application paperwork and applied for a commercial loan, for which he was approved.

“The lending specialist I worked with at Biz2Credit was very honest, professional and guided me through the entire process of applying and getting approved. can be hard to get hotel financingAnd the expert assured me that, yes, it can be done.”

  • Ratan Soni, Shree Investments LLC, President/Owner

Since then, Ratan has been able to focus on getting his business back on track rather than worrying about managing cash flow. The end of COVID-19 restrictions also eased some of the pressure. Business has improved a lot and their hard work is paying off. Corporate business travel has increased by seven percent. The business of weddings has increased by 50 per cent. Funding from Biz2Credit helped Ratan overcome the difficult times and become a successful business owner again.

Sai CPA Services: Introducing Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar is a Certified Public Accountant Sai CPA Services. The firm is based in East Brunswick, New Jersey. It is a full-service accounting firm that provides individuals and businesses with a wide range of services including bookkeeping, payroll, new business setup, sales tax, annual tax preparation and wealth planning.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, the number of clients coming to SAI for assistance with tax planning and other issues dropped significantly. Kumar knew he needed his business to change direction, attract new customers, and bring in more revenue. That’s when Kumar decided he would help customers apply for and receive loans.

Originally the company worked with several brick-and-mortar banks. Sometimes he was forced to contact several banks to find a loan for a single client. This made process and record keeping challenging.

After learning about Biz2Credit and its CPA business funding portal, Kumar turned to the firm as his new loan provider. Having a platform that consolidates all of its customers’ information in one place, while offering a variety of loan products that can be approved and funded in days, is a game changer.

I couldn’t be happier that Biz2Credit’s CPA Business Funding Portal exists. With Biz2Credit I have a single portal and a dedicated team ready to assist my firm at every step. I can make any type of loan, from five thousand dollars to five million dollars, and all in just one to three days.”

  • Ajay Kumar, Sai CPA Services Owner

These are just a few of the thousands of small business success stories that Biz2Credit has had a hand in recently. Contact If we can help you too.

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