Scotland-based cannabis startup Hilltop Leaf raises £2 million

cannabis grower hill top Received £2 million as part of private investment to become one of the largest medical cannabis manufacturers in the UK, according to To The spy.
Hilltop Leaf Founder hamish clegg Noted how the use of medicinal cannabis is on the rise, but the UK is currently dependent on imports.

Established in 2019, Hilltop Leaf aims to produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis-based products for human medicinal use (CBPM). Has also entered into a research partnership with Nottingham Trent Universitywho specializes in clinical trials and testing.

The company plans to compete with suppliers in other countries Canada, Germanyand Israel.

In addition, the company has an 11,000 square mile production facility and is expected to supply over 10% of the UK market.

image By Hilltop Leaf via Insider UK

in 2018Great Britain legalized the medicinal use of marijuana being used by over 20,000 patients in the UK, however, around 1.8 million people in the UK use ‘black market’ cannabis to treat medical conditions, Center for Medicinal According to Cannabis.

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Photo: Courtesy Matteo Paganelli On unsplash

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