Sam Bankman-Fried Tells Congress He Nominated New FTX CEO Under Pressure From Lawyers – FTX Token (FTT/USD)

ftx installer Sam Bankman-Fried was under pressure from Name a new CEO In early November, according to his draft testimony.

What happened: Testimony seen by Reuters said Bankman-Fried nominated john ray as FTX under pressure from lawyers Sullivan and Cromwell as CEO ftt/usd Resolved in early November.

Minutes after he agreed, Bankman-Fried said he had received a “potential funding offer of billions of dollars to help clients become whole.”

However, the founder of FTX was told that it was too late to undo Ray’s advance.

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why it matters: was bankman-fried arrested in the bahamas on Monday after local authorities received a formal notification from the United States.

In her testimony, Bankman-Fried says she “deeply regrets” being pressured into filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy for FTX, according to Reuters.

The former FTX CEO reportedly said he was concerned that the company’s US team passed misleading information to the Chapter 11 team.

Bankman-Fried denies claims that it rigged the price lanyard (USDT) and termed them “blatantly wrong”.

FTX, FTX US, and Alameda Research filed for bankruptcy on November 11. at that time it was told tron (TRX) Founder justin sun said he is ready to Pump billions into FTX.

value of Bitcoin BTC/USD And Ethereum ETH/USD Crashed as soon as the news of FTX implosion broke.

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