NORML Report: State Efforts to Provide Expiration Relief to Millions of People with Low-Level Cannabis Convictions

The report was done by NORML and is published here with permission.

government officials have provided some 2 million According to one, marijuana-related pardons and expungements in recent years accompany the low-level cannabis convictions on his record. analysis Released today by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

State and local officials have issued more than 100,000 pardons and more than 1.7 million marijuana-related evictions since 2018, according to publicly available data. States that have been most active in providing relief to people with past convictions include Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and California.

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans have unnecessarily carried the burden and stigma of a past conviction for behavior most americansAnd growing number of statesis no longer considered a crime,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Our sense of justice and our principles of fairness demand that public officials and courts act swiftly to right the past wrongdoings of cannabis prohibition and criminalization.” proceed from.”

to date, 24 states Enact laws providing clear pathways for either expunging (or otherwise setting aside) the records of people with low-level marijuana convictions. In some cases, people eligible for disposal relief are not required to take any action. Instead, state officials automatically review past records and notify those who meet the state’s criteria for removal. In other cases, state law requires those seeking to have their records expunged to petition the courts to review and vacate their records.

NORML estimates that the police have made 29 million Marijuana-related arrests since 1965. Of those arrested, nearly 90 percent were charged with low-level offenses of cannabis possession.

In October, President Joe Biden became the first POTUS to issue a mass pardon for low-level, federal marijuana possession convictions. In a prepared statement, the President Told: “Sending people to jail for marijuana possession has cost many lives and imprisoned people for conduct that many states no longer prohibit.” He further encouraged the state officials to take similar action.

Full text of the NORML report, Marijuana Forgiveness and Expenditures: By the NumbersAvailable online.

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