Next-Generation Psychedelics: The Case of MEAI and Its Potential to Treat Addiction

(Part 1 of a four-part series)

mounting evidence of psychedelic‘The potential to benefit both mental and physical health conditions is driving biotech companies and scientists in this field to major innovative heights.

Psychedelic science is growing in terms of treatment specificity, as each novel or classical compound targets and aims to improve or cure particular health conditions. Toward this goal, researchers are working to develop substances that hold onto the benefits and let go of the side effects of the original, “first generation” psychedelic substances.

this is a general definition next generation psychedelics sounds like.

To help introduce our readers to this new field, Benzinga interviewed the CEO and regulatory development advisor of an Israeli-based psychedelics company that is researching addiction treatment with a molecule called MEAI.

Clearmind Medicine Inc. cmndbegan operations in May 2021, led by CEO Dr. Adi Zulof-Shani, Ph.D. is a biomedical research and development executive with over 20 years of experience in strategic and operational leadership in the healthcare industry.

How is the MEAI molecule owned by Clearmind related to this? next generation psychedelics wave,

“Because next generation psychedelics primarily focus on reducing or removing some of the adverse effects of first generation psychedelics – that’s the main reason we developed this 2.0 generation, we want to take the good from the ‘old generation’ and want to take it further. The next step, – one of the things everyone’s looking for is impact without hallucinogenic property of psychedelics,” Dr. Julof-Shani told Benzinga.

MEAI is a non-hallucinogenic psychoactive compound. In fact, the substance is part of the indane family of molecules, which was first clearly and pharmacologically described by Prof. David Nutt and Ezekiel Golan in a peer-reviewed paper in 2017 and later in 2018 described the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and metabolism.

MEAI was an early replacement drug candidate for alcohol addiction, which came to market during the 2010 movement wine place with less toxic alternatives.

Another reason for the development of this new generation of psychedelic compounds is ip security, If the compounds themselves are not novel, or most of their uses have already been published, then no protection can be made.

In this sense, MEAI appears to be different considering the patent given so far compound as well as on different signs and even as a choice of wine,

Part two in this series: Next-Generation Psychedelics, MEAI: The How and Why

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