Marijuana Magic: Smoke Pocus Performs in Reno and Beyond, Come Ripe, Leave Amazed

If you’re in Reno, Nevada this coming week and you love magic and love weed, you’re in for a treat. But if not, the grand national tour of 2023 is just beginning.

Smokes Pokus is a weed-themed magic show and the smokes magic is not performed in the show, but actually the real thing, and there’s a lot of it. In fact, lucky audience members may even get a chance to take some of the magic home with them.

ben zabinThe , 24 and New York native is the creator of Smokes Pokus. He dropped out of college after one year, sold a little weed, did some magic on cruise ships, and then moved to Portland, Oregon.

The epidemic broke out soon after, and Zabeen started thinking about how to combine his passion for magic and the magic of cannabis. So, they decided to put together the ancient practice of magic and the millennia-old cannabis plant, and Smokes Pokus was born.

“The idea for a weed-themed magic show was something that had been on my mind for a long time,” Zebin told the Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ). “When the pandemic hit and all my work stopped, I decided to take my COVID unemployment money and move to Portland, Ore., sight-unseen, to launch Smokes Pokus.”

Oregon legalized recreational cannabis in 2014 and Nevada did the same on a 2016 ballot measure, which bodes well for Zbin. However, with cannabis being illegal at the federal level, one wonders how it moves its core proposition from Portland to other legal states.

“Traveling with grass can be a little complicated, but as a magician, I have my secrets,” Zbin told RGJ.

Welcome to Reno: “We are thrilled to have Smokey Pocus back in the theater,” fellow illusionist Kevin Jeffery told RGJ. “Ben is a smart producer and incredibly talented performer who knows his audience. Trying to theme a magic show is very difficult and he deserves all the success he has.”

Ben Zabin’s Smoke’s Pokes will be at The Theater in Reno on January 27th.

you can catch smokes pokes in other US cities All year round

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