Look Inside a ‘Living’ Scottish Hobbit Hideaway

Step into a storybook at this enchanted short-term rental.

Nestled in the rural foothills of the Ben Rins Mountains in northern Scotland, this tiny Airbnb offers visitors to be taken off the grid and into a fairy tale.

The Bilbo Baggins-worthy Hobbit Hideaway offers guests a charming retreat in a wooded, rounded “Living Home” of an accommodation set on a lush property. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom spread boasts mountain views from every window, plus extra sunlight from the living room skylight. An additional set of bunk beds and convertible futons brings the “mud house” to five beds, and it can sleep up to six guests at a time. Pets are welcome.

The 3-acre grounds feature a babbling waterfall, small waterfall, “Fairy Glen”, a private garden, outdoor games, picnic tables, a pizza oven, a grill and access to an extensive garden – including a fire pit, swings and swings are included. a “sensory play den,” according to airbnb listing,

scotland hobbit house airbnb
There is a skylight in the center of the living room.
Jam Press/Airbnb
scotland hobbit house airbnb
The exterior of the “Living Home”.
Jam Press/Airbnb
scotland hobbit house airbnb
View from the top bunk.
Jam Press/Airbnb

“It is truly unique, magical and architecturally designed to provide a fun and nurturing escape from the pressures of daily life. Like a giant hug,” claimed the quaint abode’s bio.

Beyond the twee aspect, this address also offers a real escape from the hyper-connected world for anyone craving some time away from technology.

β€œFor indoor entertainment, we have provided free unlimited Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth speaker, and a large selection of books, games, puzzles, and soft and wooden toys, including a train set and giant Jenga. If you want a technology-free break, just turn off the WiFi or ask us to remove it,” the host explained in the listing.

Those looking to go off the grid during their stay can enjoy scrolling through the stars with the in-house Dobsonian telescope. Wildlife can also often be seen using the property, as can three resident ducks and a community of free-range chickens.

Prices for three nights (minimum for a visit) in mud houses range depending on the season, and start at $181 per night.

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