Kim Kardashian faces criticism for her ‘Murder House’

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the trolls are out to play.

Kim Kardashian is under fire again for her interior design choices, as Reddit users are calling her mansion the “Murder House.”

In a light-hearted video showing off her latest holiday decorations, the 42-year-old reality TV star shared the view from her bathroom window, which includes rows of trees adorned with twinkling lights.

“Look how magical it is,” the Skims founder says in clips on social media. “In my bathroom, I always have plants, and there’s like a whole balcony and you can walk through my shower.” [to] out there.”

“That’s all I see now and it’s beautiful,” she says at the end of the video posted to her Instagram story.

But online haters didn’t see eye-to-eye with the beauty mogul, whose glittering trees brought her sterile-looking home to life. Few users even think about floor-to-ceiling glass mirrors in their home, let alone their bathrooms.

Kim's bathroom with tree outside window
Kardashian is again facing online trolls who are criticizing her foggy home and stained glass windows.
Instagram / Kim Kardashian

“The way I cringe in the middle of the night when the lights go off on the trees and I think there are so many people outside the bathroom,” one user criticized Kardashian’s holiday spirit. “I think if I had big windows like that I would be scaring myself all the time.”

“I think I’ll be in constant dread in that huge house,” agreed another skeptic.

“Looks like a murder house,” said someone else.

SKKN Bottles
Her home decor vision seems to match her business branding, with the bottles for her Skunk products fitting right into the color scheme.
Instagram / Kim Kardashian

On Tuesday, Kardashian was criticized when she revealed her beige home online.

in one instagram Carousel, the “Kardashian” star completed her gray-toned living room with antique white furniture.

controversial centerpiece The post featured a photo of her bedroom, which showed her plush bed atop a massive, marble frame. The space lacked an ounce of color—even the sheets were warm.

tree outside kim's window
Trees strung with white lights line her bathroom windows.
Instagram / Kim Kardashian

“Aesthetic = depression with trauma,” quipped one user in the comments.

“You live in a grave,” laughed another.

“Sad and disappointing,” wrote someone else.

Someone said, “Kimberly, there are more comfortable prisons than this.”

“It’s giving up solitary confinement,” offered another.

One user said, “It looks like you live in hell Kim,” while another agreed that it gives off “psych ward” vibes.

But her millions of fans aren’t the only harsh critics — even Kardashian’s oldest daughter, North The house is called “ugly”.

Kardashian once told Ellen DeGeneres, “She thinks it’s like me,” during the argument North insulted her mother’s interior design choices. “And it’s kinda mean, because I love my house.”

Kardashian, however, is no stranger to haters, even from her own family. has been under the Mughals for the last one year fiery instagram tirades in his hands ex husbandFormerly known as Kanye West.

The aspiring lawyer also faced criticism this week over his partnership with luxury fashion brand Balenciaga, which came under fire for bizarre imagery Children holding BDSM-style plush toys.

a special image A bag promoted for a separate campaign came under fire after a closer look at Supreme Court documents about child pornography hidden in the photo.

Kim Kardashian
The “Kardashians” star has received criticism from fans who say her taupe home is “disappointing”.

company doubled down on its apologiesThe brand is taking action against poor oversight, taking to social media to reassure followers. Meanwhile, Kardashian, who remained silent on the issue for days, claimed She’s “Re-evaluating” Her Relationship with high end brands, getting flak Not to cut ties immediately.

She has appeared in campaigns for Balenciaga, and regularly dons their products. After all, while her monochromatic home lacks vibrancy, her fashion choices have been anything but lackluster. In some recent Balenciaga looks, she’s looking slim clay gownan’ fit from the adidas and balenciaga collab line and even made a caution-tape catsuits look good,

The mother of four said her future with the brand “depends on their willingness to accept accountability for something that should never have started – and I expect them to take whatever action is needed to protect the children”. Doing,” according to his statement online.

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