Interview: ‘The Daily Show’ Host Chelsea Handler Explains How Weed and Therapy Helped Her Be a Better Person

Comedian, six times new York Times Best-selling author and guest host of “The Daily Show” Chelsea Handler Been going to therapy for a few years now and he is no longer an a**hole.

Or at least, she knows she is one, and is working daily to improve. “I’m still an ass, but now I know I am an ass,” she says, half joking, half serious.

In this process of self-discovery and rediscovery, therapy wasn’t the only thing that helped; Cannabis has also played a central role. Weed, she argues, calms her down. “I find that when you’re depressed or stressed, and the world is a very stressful place these days, alcohol becomes a hat on hat. The intention to drink alcohol doesn’t always equal the result. While cannabis calms you down, It dulls your senses in such a way that you don’t react.

drink, drink, drink

Chelsea has been on the record countless times regarding her alcohol consumption. “I have a great deal of experience with wine that has been very well documented by me and others.”

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Not being a fan of hangovers, Chelsea found a great alternative to sipping alcohol in cannabis drinks – especially considering she loves weed but doesn’t enjoy smoking it often because it irritates her throat. Is.

“Sometimes I have a little joint. Sometimes I do edibles too, but it takes a while to kick them, it’s always kind of crazy. Sometimes something can kill you and Sometimes not; sometimes you don’t feel anything,” Chelsea explains.

That’s why comedians turned to cannabis beverages. Chelsea feels that the beverages offer a great alternative to both alcohol and traditional joints or weed foods. In addition, the dosage is accurate and easy to titrate, and the effect is faster than that of foods.

“You’re going to feel relaxed right away. And you understand it’s a controlled substance,” she said. “I think we’re still in the Wild West with cannabis, even though we’re making a lot of headway and a lot of great things are happening, like decriminalization and getting people convicted of using cannabis and carrying it Sorry. But we’re still in an area where it’s evolving… I think drinking it is the most controlled way to ingest it.”

Having been a fan of cannabis drinks for a while, when leisuretown, a cannabis beverage company, approached her, the partnership was a no-brainer.

“They really start to understand how to do it the right way; They offer a CBD and a THC option. I think it’s a great invitation to those who are scared or nervous about venturing into the cannabis field. If you control the cannabis and the cannabis doesn’t control you, the experience is so much better,” she says.

leisurely grower

A few months back, Chelsea partnered with Lazertown, The California-based beverage company offers THC-infused Social Seltzers and CBD-infused Sunny Seltzers, a line of low-sugar and low-carb seltzers that go down easy.

Created by serial entrepreneur Josh Held, Leisuretown is backed by a crew of celebrities including entrepreneur and pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, DJ and producer Diplo and now, of course, Chelsea Handler.

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“I dig low-dose weed drinks, it’s something new and different,” said Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name Diplo. exclusive chat At the time of the launch of the drink. “I can drink something and just calm down.”

“The growing cannabis beverage category has become increasingly popular, and I am completely in favor of the customization that LeisureTown provides,” said Rob Dyrdek. ,[The] Seltzer is a delicious drink that doesn’t ruin my day, offering microdoses of THC that allow consumers to let loose while remaining in control of their cannabis experiences.

Now, back to Chelsea. She also sings the praises of cannabis leaf.

“It’s not like smoking a whole joint and sitting on your couch staring into space,” she explains. “A cannabis drink just takes the edge off, it really helps if you have social anxiety.”

In fact, charred drinks have become an important part of Chelsea’s social life. “I can’t tell you how many of my friends have started smoking cannabis before they go out to dinner, before they go to a party. It’s a fine fine line, especially in the doses that Lazertown offers, two and a half milligrams THC… If you want more than this, you can drink another drink in a healthy way. But if you just want that little breather, this is what it provides. And I think that’s what we’ve all been looking for for a really long time: to get away from the pharmaceutical industry.

This is what ultimately prompted Chelsea to “lean into something that came out of the ground, the way Mother Earth intended it to be ingested and used as medicine, because that is what it is, medicine.”


as mentioned above, alcohol The replacement component is also not trivial. “I know I’m talking about being able to wake up in the morning without a hangover and being able to be productive and being able to write a book on cannabis, rather than being able to use it as a tool Because it is using me.

Of course, reaching this point was possible only after a long search process. As one can imagine, Chelsea’s relationship (and most of ours) with cannabis has evolved over time.

“I think my relationship with cannabis is always evolving, mostly because at different times in your life, you want different things,” she declares.

Being on tour for most of 2023, Chelsea is looking to cut down on drinking but still feel “relaxed, creative, inspired, funny and able to sit down and write” when she’s near the end of a show or tour. I must reach home. “Alcohol bans all of that. You know, it’s just an unwinding tool. Cannabis [on the other hand] Can help you boost your creativity.

Not having hangs is a big advantage, especially when driving on the road. “You’re traveling so much from city to city, you’re sometimes staying in places for less than 12 hours … so you really don’t want to put any more harmful effects on your system than necessary.” You want to eat clean, you want to be in control, you want to get the right amount of sleep and you want to exercise. So for me, on tour, cannabis has been integral in that way.

weed and her funny bone

Unlike other weed-loving artists who have revealed in this column that they prefer not to smoke cannabis before going on stage, Chelsea has no problem with herb as it pertains to live performance.

“I’m a pro so I can perform pretty well using just about anything. But it’s best to perform when you have clarity of mind and you’re sharp and your mental acuity is at top speed,” she says . “And that’s one of the things I really appreciate about Leisuretown, because it gives me a buzz, but I’m not Blotto; It takes a lot to break into me anyway, but LeisureTown gives me the right kind of comfort I want to feel before I go on stage. I don’t want to take beta-blockers, which I have for a period of my life.

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Of course, she recognizes, having a drink helps you relax before going on stage. “But when you really want mental clarity and you just want to take the edge off, be in the zone and get into your flow state, I think a low dose of cannabis is the best way to accomplish that.”

Elaborating on the Leisuretown benefits, Chelsea explains that, beyond the effects, she also likes the drink’s low sugar content and taste. ,I’m in my forties and I want to be healthy. I’m not into digesting a lot of sugar. I’m into wellness and mindfulness.

It also helps her invite other women into the world of cannabis drinks, she says. “I want women to feel that I’m here, telling you about something that’s going to work for you and that’s going to take the edge off in a healthy way.”

In Chelsea’s view, more women need to be vocal about their cannabis use.

“It is not just something that men can have; It’s something for women too,” she says. “Now, cannabis is not for everyone; i understand that. But there are so many people who can help who are very scared because of the stigma attached to cannabis – which is silly, and we need to destroy it, which is why we’re talking about this. We want people to feel safe and feel like they’re not going to be out of control and it’s a controllable experience and it’s an enjoyable experience and to understand what your needs are… it’s now a controlled There is substance and so we should take it as such and be very open and engaging about the possibilities going forward to make sure it becomes a regular conversation that people are not ashamed of.

getting political

To round out the conversation, Chelsea joined in on Biden’s recent decision to pardon nonviolent cannabis inmates at the federal level.

“We’ve been having this conversation, loud and proud, for the last 4 to 6 years, about the legalization of cannabis, which has become louder than ever,” she voices. “And then look what happens: We get results. So it’s worth being a champion of something you believe in, because if you have enough conversations about it, the conversations start to change. And those by Biden Forgiving all people is the proof of this.

When asked the classic question of this column, “If you could share a joint with anyone, whether dead or alive, who would it be?” Chelsea pretty much stays on that political lane.

“I’d really like to share a Leisuretown drink with Barack and Michelle Obama. I mean, I’d love to work with them,” she chuckles. “I’m sure they’ll enjoy the drink and they’re probably both open to it. And I think that would be a great start for conversation. Plus, Leisuretown is just so inviting. Who doesn’t want to go to Leisuretown?”

Chelsea’s new Netflix special, “Revolution,” is already available. Check it out!

This article was originally published on forbes and appears here with permission

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