If You Had $1,000 Invested in Tesla Stock When Elon Musk Was Sued by the SEC in 2018, Here’s How Much You’d Have Now Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Investors who kept their hard-earned money in major US indices have enjoyed respectable returns since the 2018 crash. The S&P 500, Nasdaq-100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have given returns of 30.50%, 40.79% and 24.52%, respectively.

As good as investors in the major U.S. indices have been since 2018, investors in the broader electric vehicle (EV) space have had the better. Bulls taking a chance on Tesla after fall 2018 announcement of SEC suing EV-giant’s CEO Elon Musk for securities fraud, and held as of the time of publication, cashed in big time.

for the uninvited, Tesla Inc TSLA investors experienced back in 2018 A very unorthodox announcement on 7th AugustWhen Musk tweeted that he was considering taking the company private with “funds secured”.

According to the SEC filing, misleading statements made by the Tesla chief falsely indicated that it was certain that it could in fact take Tesla private at a specified purchase price. This purchase price represented a premium over Tesla’s stock price at the time. Additionally, Musk has not discussed or confirmed key deal terms with any funding sources… read more

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Tesla returns since 2018: Following the lawsuit from years ago, here’s what $1,000 invested in Tesla stock on September 27, 2018 would be worth today: $6,251.60 for a return of 525.16%,

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