I Made My First $1M At 19 & Now Own 7 Homes

He is a selfie-made millionaire.

Lynsey Donovan, 23, originally from Maryland, claims she has made millions from streaming videos on social media and says she invests her dollars by buying properties.

The Instagram and OnlyFans model said she now has a real estate portfolio of more than $5 million — and determines which homes she wants to buy based on whether she can take a good selfie outside. A recent Instagram post.

Donovan reportedly made her first million when she was just 19 – a year after she moved to Florida to pursue modeling and create the Barbie lifestyle of her dreams, the blonde bombshell Told the truth

“I’ve bought seven houses total now,” Donovan said.

Donovan invites Trulli for a tour inside one of her properties – a $2 million mansion she calls the “Barbie Dreamhouse”.

Lynsey Donovan says she chooses property based on whether she can see it "selfie" Be There.
Lynsey Donovan says she chooses a property based on whether she can see her “selfie” there.
Instagram/Lynsey Donovan

“My Barbie dream bedroom is about 2,000 square feet, which is the size of a house,” she said.

In his palatial paradise live a bunny rabbit named Mr. Hefner and several dogs, who of course have their own attached bedroom. And for those who think that her luxurious lifestyle is not all, she has a duck named Aflac and 10 chickens.

Donovan earns money through live streaming videos and a variety of sexy and glamorous looks.
Donovan earns money through live-streaming videos and a variety of sexy and glamorous looks.
Instagram/Lynsey Donovan

“I always wanted chickens. My parents never let me have them,” she explained.

Donovan said she makes her bread and butter by modeling “glamorous bikinis, lingerie” as well as “much requested stuff” from her fans. She invests in her appearance and claims that her makeup collection is worth around $50,000.

“I know I’m living a lot of people’s dreams at the moment, but I work very hard,” she said. “I probably change my clothes at least five times a day.”

Donovan's DPG has her very own bedroom in her $2 million Barbie dream home.
The dogs have their own bedroom in Donovan’s $2 million Barbie dream home.

That said, Donovan’s shoe collection alone is worth $50,000.

Donovan has come a long way since leaving his parents’ home in Maryland “with no money” on his 18th birthday. She keeps a barbie doll as a reminder of her journey.

“I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but it really inspired me to appreciate the value of a dollar,” he said.

They have passion. Donovan said that their glamorous lifestyle comes from their hard work.
They have passion. Donovan said that their glamorous lifestyle comes from their hard work.
Instagram/Lynsey Donovan

She said the first time she started making “good money” was when she started live-streaming. “I started off making $600 a day and from there I went higher and higher and I grew it to over $2,000 a day.”

She spends on clothes and fancy cars, yet buying a house is her splurge of choice.

“Getting money into real estate was the best decision I ever made,” he said.

He bought seven houses “with no credit, no help from any parents, no help from anybody, just himself,” he explained.

The animal-lover has several dogs, 10 chickens and a duck that live with him.
The animal lover has several dogs, 10 chickens and a duck.
Instagram/Lynsey Donovan

Donovan has a great relationship with her parents, Mary and Vincent, and since she wants them to stay close, her solution was to surprise them by buying them a luxurious Florida dream house.

She hopes to continue investing in properties.

“I have big plans with investments. I’m about to get into commercial real estate. I still pinch myself. I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’m waking up in this Barbie dreamhouse,'” she said.

“I had no one to guide me. You have to be smart and if you really really want something, believe me you can do it.

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