How to determine the value of traumatic brain injury settlements?

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) involves reparative damage to certain brain functions, possibly caused by some type of impact to the skull. Some of the most common consequences of this type of injury include thinking and learning difficulties, impaired motor skills, hearing, vision, and emotional or behavioral changes.

Whatever the cause, this type of injury brings enormous changes to the life of the affected person, including a high number of medical bills and other costs that represent interruptions in daily life. Facing such a dire situation is complicated and stressful, so you deserve legal help to make sure you can move on.

In legal terms, there is no set amount for LCT compensation claims, this is because each case presents a unique combination of factors that must be taken into account when seeking compensation, including:

Current and future medical expenses:

Often, a head injury becomes a chronic condition that requires ongoing medical attention. Therefore, while calculating the value of your claim, it is important that you take into account the following expenses in the present and near future:

  • Hospitalization and emergency medical care
  • clinical trial
  • surgery
  • Therapy (physical and psychological)
  • home aide or nursing care

Loss of income and possible disability:

Unfortunately, many TBI cases lead to long-term or permanent disability, so when calculating damages, it’s important to include not only lost wages for the accident and treatment, but also the potential loss of your income (whether temporary or permanent). permanently). Injury.

non-pecuniary loss

Non-economic losses refer to losses that are less tangible in terms of financial value. The most common example is the aches and pains commonly experienced as a result of an injury. Additionally, a solicitor can help you claim damages for the psychological impact that you have lost from enjoying life because of your new condition.

Getting compensation for an injury goes beyond paying bills and getting reimbursed for hardships faced. Entities such as insurance companies, adjusters, and defendant’s attorneys will take all aspects of your situation into account and look for ways to ensure that you receive the minimum amount of compensation. This is why it is essential that you have a lawyer by your side, as they will know how to protect your interests and ensure that no one uses your circumstances against you.

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