How Tabitha Brown Turned Social Media Videos into a Lifestyle Empire

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How content creator Tabitha Brown built a lifestyle empire

over the past decade, being a content creator Has evolved from a side hobby into a viable career path.

While many content creators have made a successful pivot into entrepreneurship, creator Tabitha Brown has taken things to a whole new level, effectively building a lifestyle empire out of social media videos.

Brown first gained momentum online in 2017 when he viral video posted Praising Whole Foods’ TTLA sandwiches on Facebook, eventually becoming a brand ambassador for the grocery chain.

In 2020, he tiktok account Sharing vegan cooking videos and inspirational pep talks, and her content took off. With over 9 million followers and counting on Instagram and TikTok, she now has a variety to offer:

…and she’s not stopping there.

Earlier this week, her collection at Target expanded to include plant-based grocery items and quickly sold out in multiple stores and online. Her haircare brand has recently launched a new line and that is Now available in Ulta storesand he has third book Coming in March 2023.

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Differentiating Factors Contributing to Brown’s Success

How did he do all this in five years? There are a few key factors that have helped the Browns dominate in so many ways.

association and familiarity

Brown has been consistent in creating content related to the plant-based lifestyle niche. As her platform grows, she maintains a sense of belonging. Users know that when they see a new post of hers, they may be looking at plant-based food ideas, an uplifting talk, or both.


He is authentically himself. His charm is attributed to his warm personality, which shines through in every piece of material he creates, and cannot be imitated.

audience engagement

Brown leans into unique language that creates a sense of intimacy with her audience and has created products that relate directly to these unique words. For example, she’s referred to her hair as “Donna’s” for years, so her haircare line “Donna’s Recipe” makes sense for her brand.

She often uses her favorite spatula named “Sheena” in her cooking videos, hence the linking of the spatula named “Sheena”.sheena’s cousinHer goal line strikes a solid connection to the members of her audience who want to cook like her.

Timing has also played a role in Brown’s success.

Although she had been creating content for years, her TikTok account began to shut down in March 2020 when many people were consuming more content than ever due to the onset of the pandemic. With so much uncertainty about what was to come, audiences were drawn to Brown’s positive attitude and comforting demeanor.

Brown built a foundation of trust with her audience and continues to grow her influence through a series of collaborative offerings and partnerships that invite users to participate in her lifestyle alongside her.

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