How much does a lawyer charge in a car accident case?

The legal fees for car accident cases differ from other types of legal cases. Typically, the attorney charges a contingency fee. a california car accident attorney can talk to you about your possible claim or lawsuit and answer your questions about how much a car accident attorney charges.

Contingency Fee Overview

Generally, a car accident case falls under the category of personal injury law. Personal injury cases are typically handled on a contingency fee basis.

To explain what a contingency fee is, we will first explain what a contingency fee is not. If you have hired an attorney to handle your divorce, you may be charged by the hour. For every hour the attorney worked on your case, whether in court, in their office, or elsewhere, the meter was ticking. In addition, you probably had to deposit a hefty fee to get the lawyer started on your case.

If you hired an attorney to amend a speeding ticket to a non-moving violation, you may have a fixed fee. Normally a person has to pay a flat fee in advance before going to the traffic court by the lawyer.

Lawyers handling personal injury cases on contingency fees do not charge a uniform fee. Also, you are not required to submit an upfront fee for the lawyers to start working on the case.

Instead, you and the attorney will sign a written fee agreement at the beginning of the case. The fee agreement will state the percentage of the settlement proceeds or court award that the attorney will receive at the end of the case for their legal fees. This fee arrangement is called contingency fee. This is contingent, because if you don’t win, you don’t have to pay the attorney any legal fees. You can say that the lawyer puts his salary at stake on winning your case.

There are two important things for you to find out about the contingency fee that the lawyer will use in your case:

  1. Not all personal injury attorneys use the same percentage. For example, a fresh graduate recently graduated from law school may charge a lower percentage to make up for his lack of experience. A case that would be costly or complex to litigate may result in a higher percentage than a simple parking lot fender-bender case.
  2. The percentage the lawyer gets will depend on at what point your case is settled. For example, if the attorney can settle your case before filing suit, the written fee agreement will likely result in a lower percentage than if the attorney filed suit. Also, if the lawyer has to prepare the case for trial and actually go to trial, the percentage could be higher. Ultimately, the percentage may increase if the case is appealed. In other words, the more work the attorney has to do, the higher the percentage generally is.

You will want to discuss these issues with a lawyer before hiring them. Make sure you understand these issues.

Types of Money Damages in Motor Vehicle Collision Claims

The settlement or court award may cover a number of things, such as the cost of your medical treatment, the cost of future treatment required by your doctor for your wounds, your lost wages, your lost earnings due to your injuries, pain and suffering Potential for disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other harms. A California personal injury attorney can help you go after the negligent party that caused your injuries and hold them accountable for your losses. contact our office today To help with your case, we offer a free consultation.

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