Secures $4.6M to Democratize Access to Scalable Web3 Infrastructure

stavanger, Norway, February 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — gateway.fmNode, the first truly decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider, has raised $4.6 million USD in a joint seed funding round led by Lemonscape, with participation from CMT Digital Ventures, LAO DAO, Folius Ventures, TRGC, Metaweb Ventures, Very Early Ventures, Factor Ventures, Phantom Foundation and Unstoppable Domains Ventures, among others.

Funding will be used to accelerate product development and provision of advanced staking services, while driving user acquisition and recruiting efforts, with a specific emphasis on growing the company’s engineering department.

In the blockchain space, the node infrastructure landscape has been largely dominated by a select few industry players. In today’s multi-blockchain environment, there is a clear market demand for infrastructure products and services that support multiple blockchains. Furthermore, there is a growing segment of fintechs looking to expand their service horizons and enter the blockchain space. To do this requires a strong, reliable infrastructure.

As a leading Web3 infrastructure company, focuses on building decentralized RPC solutions that do not rely on centralized services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). To date, the company has received strong market recognition from a range of notable industry giants, including 1 Inch, Gnosis, for its ‘Grow’, ‘Access’ and ‘Jumpstart’ solutions. Ethereum Foundation, NEAR and Polygon Labs.

The Gateway Grow solution is built for multiple proof-of-stake (PoS) chains such as institutional staking validators Ethereum, Gnosis and IXO. Gateway Access is the company’s dedicated, cost-effective RPC node service built for scale, which currently supports ETH, Phantom, Near and Gnosis. Gateway Jumpstart enables new blockchains, appchains and protocols to accelerate mainnet launch and drive user adoption.

cutemock weberCo-founder and CEO of Said: “Today’s announcement represents a firm seal of approval for our product suite from a collection of top global investment watchers. Together with Igor Mandrigin, MyGateway co-founder and CTO, I feel that decentralization is at the heart of the Web3 movement. underpinned by limited access to scalable infrastructure. No more. We’re looking to build reliable node infrastructure, best- Want to provide in-class validators and robust dev tooling. Confidence.”

Roderick van der GraafFounder of LemonscapeSaid: “At Lemonscape, we have a strong interest in advancing sophisticated multi-chain infrastructure and tooling. With a set of elite-grade, next-gen tools, Gateway is broadening the inclusiveness, availability, and reliability of blockchain networks and protocols. The team is composed of distinguished leaders in the fields of blockchain, distributed software, fintech, information security and telecommunications – Web3 provides outstanding infrastructure solutions tailored to projects’ networking needs while facilitating a new wave of innovation.”

About is the first truly decentralized high-performance blockchain infra/node provider, building a globally distributed, multi-chain infrastructure that can be used by Web3 projects without allocating resources to configure or maintain servers. Originally designed to help scale.

About Lemonscape

Lemonscape is an investment firm specializing in investing in emerging companies. crypto Asset and blockchain startups. Since its founding in 2017, Lemonscape has funded a number of investments crypto The blockchain space, based on the core belief that blockchain technology will disrupt traditional business models, resulting in profound changes to the world economy. The Lemonscape team is comprised of talented people with backgrounds in financial markets, PE/VC, technology and entrepreneurship. visit for more information,

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