Gala Token Surges 70% After Dwayne Johnson Partnership Announcement After Accidentally Sent Tweet

fiesta game gala/usd The ex-WWE star turned actor, and recently posted a tweet announcing a partnership with the “Black Adam” star and then promptly deleted it, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, was saying posted by mistake,

On January 9th, blockchain gaming platform Gala made a major announcement regarding a project with Johnson.

The sudden deletion of the tweet seemed odd with the apparent enthusiasm for the gala shown in his post, which read in part, “As always, we ain’t bullshitting! We’ve got The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) and partnered with Mark Wahlberg, Two absolutely huge forces in the entertainment industry.

He explained that Gala users will be able to use a QR code to purchase tickets and receive digital rewards from Netflix.

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The news sparked an immediate reaction from investors, and the GALA token surged almost 70% to almost 5 cents, the highest price since September. The tweet was then deleted without explanation or further context, and the coin dropped 20% to around 4 cents. Gala Tokens Exceeded about 4.5 cents According to Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing.

The tweet explained that users within the Gala ecosystem would be able to scan a QR code to purchase movie tickets to Johnson’s films and win digital prizes on Netflix.

Gala Games spoke to CoinDesk and the company denied Correlation between delisting announcements and their token price volatility.

Gala said, “The story around the increase in Gala tokens tied to the ‘announcement’ of Hollywood names is false.”

The rep seemed to suggest that the news might only be a delay rather than a cancellation, saying, “The Rock’s company, Seven Bucks, and Mark’s company, Unrealistic Ideas, both have contracts for films with the Gala.”

Furthermore, Gala says the announcement was posted on Twitter in error and was intended for a closed Discord group, which was not shared with the public. They maintain that the gala was meant to be part of a larger conversation about what the film was doing.

“Gala removed the tweet out of respect for all partners involved, but we look forward to sharing more information about these projects in the near future.”

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Cover Image: Source WikiCommons Images, David Shankbone, “Dwayne Johnson at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.”

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