Friends allege ‘predatory’ parenting battle of NYC woman murdered

friends claim the same legal system that governs Britney Spears Swiftly killing his friend Paulette.

The management company of an Upper West Side building accused of a rent-controlling tenant is unwell, forcing an elderly woman into a nightmare scenario, partners allege.

Last December, while 92-year-old Paulette Kohler was in a rehab center after surgery, her building’s management company — suspecting something amiss — filed a petition accusing her of being disabled and potentially major financial abuse. was accused of being a victim, NBC first reported, so-called abuser? His “alleged housekeeper” Inga Egerud, a Norwegian immigrant, was a friend of Kohler and her late husband since 2011. Without providing any evidence, the petition stated that Agrud was currently “the subject of a criminal investigation”.

Despite the lack of evidence, the New York County Supreme Court responded to the management company’s filing by appointing a stranger to take control of Kohler’s life and finances. Then, in April, Egerud — whom Kohler named her power of attorney and beneficiary through 2021 — was barred from visiting her friend. The following month, Kohler’s friend Mary Jensen and Egerud’s longtime employer Barbara Goodstein were also barred from meeting Kohler, who has no living relatives.

In June, when Kohler was finally allowed to go home from the rehab center, she went to Goodstein’s apartment looking for Agarud. When told that he was not allowed to see Egerd, he asked upset, “I know, but why?”

Rent Control Tenant Guardianship Uws
Inga Egerud during an interview with NBC about guardianship of her friend Paulette.
WNBC 4 New York
Rent Control Tenant Guardianship Uws
Egrud and Kohler have been friends since 2011.
Courtesy Barbara Goodstein
Rent Control Tenant Guardianship Uws
For a time, Kohler was unable to meet friends.
Courtesy Barbara Goodstein

“It’s not right,” Egerud said during a interview with nbc, “They took Paulette away from me.”

“There has never been an explanation for why I was banned and why Barbara was banned, it’s just [the court] wanted to have total control,” Jensen protested to the outlet, likening the situation Kohler created to “solitary confinement.”

Goodstein alleges that effectively socially isolating a sick senior citizen is the real motive for Kohler’s opening the prime apartments for sale. The non-politician pays only $1,910 a month for her two-bedroom home at 500 West End Avenue, where she has lived since 1957. For recent listings.

Rent Control Tenant Guardianship Uws
500 West End Avenue, where Kohler has a rent-controlled apartment.
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“The greed of the building is rivaled only by a predatory court system that has marshalled Ms. Kohler’s entire net worth, which is being used to pay off people,” Goodstein told the Post. “She has lost her civil rights, her voice and access to proper medical care. And now she will die alone, while her friends watch helplessly from afar.

The attorney for the building’s LLC insisted to NBC that their only concern has always been to protect a vulnerable person from exploitation. A representative for the building did not return the Post’s request for comment.

Egerd, Goodstein and Jensen have since been barred from seeing Kohler, but the guardianship has proved devastating to her already failing health – and her friends fear she may have little time left.

“She spent the last seven months of her life completely isolated from the people she loved. This shouldn’t have happened,” Goodstein said of the period from April to October when Kohler couldn’t see his friends. “And the only person we could talk to was the judge who initially imposed the restrictions. , Judge Sharp.”

Rent Control Tenant Guardianship Uws
Judge Carol Sharp, who is overseeing Kohler’s case.
Youtube / @JamaicaNewsNetwork

Judge Carol Sharp is currently overseeing another controversial, years-long guardianship case, this one involving Jose Verdugo, a 57-year-old construction worker and certified home health aide who, despite Sharp’s insistence, insists that he Further medical evaluation is necessary to determine “well”. So much so, nbc reported, Verdugo’s court-appointed guardian says Verdugo has “refused to communicate with her” and court-appointed attorneys say Verdugo’s family is not acting in her best interests. However, his daughter says that they “know nothing about my father” and that the situation is very painful. He has filed to terminate the guardianship.

A spokeswoman for the New York court told The Post, “Guardianship cases are some of the most appalling, so the fact that a plaintiff isn’t happy with the outcome is an unfortunate reality.”

The next and ninth hearing in the Kohler case has been fixed for January 17. Her friends continue their fight to remove Kohler’s court-appointed guardian, but while Goodstein says it shouldn’t happen before her “imminent” death, he hopes at least she is surrounded by those around her. Maybe the ones she loves.

“I just want him to go in peace,” said Egerrud.

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