Free cannabis for 365 days? Cannabis Retail Business Strategy in Michigan

Michigan Cannabis Operator skymint Holding a lottery for a chance to win free cannabis for one year from any of its 24 locations across the state.

“Through this program, we want to share our love of cannabis and what it can do for us, our friends, our families and our communities across the state,” said Skymint Chief Retail Officer Summer Ransom-Cleveland Told,

The winner will receive one year of free weed in the form of a $500 in-store credit per month from January 31, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

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In addition, additional 24 winners will get a joint of 10 grams each.

To participate

  • fill the online admission form at
  • Follow SKYMINT on Instagram @SkymintOfficial
  • Use the code “FREE VEED” with any online order

Beginning Tuesday, January 17th through January 30th, the Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of Michigan who are 21 years of age or older.

No purchase is necessary to win, the company said. However, those who use the code “Free Weed” when ordering online are allowed multiple entries.

MI’s industry development

In related news, Michigan cannabis sales in November increased 2021 to grow 33.2% to $203.4 million.

Marijuana jobs to grow 68% in 2021 (28,394 workers in November 2022 up from 16,824 in November 2021). More than a thousand municipalities opted out of the program.

Related to recreational sales, cannabis led the Michigan market in November 2022 with $90 million in sales. Vape cartridges came second with $38 million, followed by edibles with $21 million.

In terms of licenses issued, the state granted 125 licences, for which 110 applications were received. 82 licenses were renewed during the month. Moreover, as of November, the state said it had 1,848 active licences. The application fee provided the state with $120,900, and the renewal fee raised another $2 million. To An MI cannabis regulatory agency report.

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