Exclusive: Medical marijuana patients in New Mexico will get workers’ compensation benefits

Benabis Health, a company that is helping fill a hole in the health insurance industry for medical marijuana patients, has expanded into New Mexico. Through a partnership with AltaVida Dispensary, Bennabis Health will support medical marijuana patients, including workers’ compensation cases where cannabis is an alternative medicine for chronic pain.

“This is a tremendously exciting step in the evolution of Benabis Health as a visionary company, paving the way for those who can most benefit from medical cannabis where coverage is otherwise unavailable,” stated Don ParsiPresident of Benabis Health. “Opening our network in New Mexico with AltaVida helps us make progress in our mission to bring the benefits of medical cannabis across the country.”

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, AltaVida is a dispensary focused on being a resource for medical cannabis patients interested in learning what is best for their unique needs. They aim to educate and eliminate any stigma attached to cannabis as a medicine. Joining Bennabis Health’s dispensary network highlights cannabis’ place in health care.

In some states, such as New Mexico and New Jersey, workers’ compensation claims cases may require reimbursement of medical marijuana costs by the carrier when it provides reasonable and necessary treatment as a reasonable alternative to opioids. In these cases, however, the injured worker must pay a substantial amount per month for their medical marijuana, and then seek reimbursement from their payer. Bennabis Health solves that problem.

For workers’ comp benefits, Bennabis Health creates a layer of protection between the dispensary and the payer.

The company also offers a mentorship program focused on providing science-based education and support for medical cannabis. Patients who join will spend less through a 15% discount at participating network dispensaries.

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