Exclusive: Ceo.ca’s Joshua Duggan on the Next Commodity Bull Run and What’s Springing It (AMC Entertainment, Elon Musk?) – Highcroft Mining Holding (NASDAQ:HYMC), AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC)

Spot gold has enjoyed a bull run over the past few months despite a recent pullback amid rising inflation and recession fears. The current decline in the commodity may signal good news for miners, however, who often see a trickle-down effect in spot gold falling sharply behind.

Mergers and acquisitions in the gold miner space also often indicate a boom in the sector and Newmont Corporation NEM Proposed to acquire 100% of the issued share capital Of Newcrest Mining LimitedWhich was announced on 6th February, was a signal that many gold bulls were looking for.

“Consolidation in gold miners usually always precedes a bull run. Many of these indicators point to what could be a very exciting year for once in the mining sector,” said the Canada-based managing director of the business. And investment platform Ceo.ca Joshua Duggan Benzinga said in a recent interview.

Joshua Duggan on the Junior Mining Landscape

Junior miners “were very depressed last year and saw their shares drop significantly – from 80% to 90%, and now you have to think with the bullish trend[that]they are now at a point where they’ve hit their floor, and They’re back on the rebound,” Duggan said. “It’s definitely an exciting time for the juniors,” he added.

“Those who have cashed up well, who have strategic plans, who have large assets in friendly jurisdictions, they are going to do really well and they are going to take advantage of this global economic crisis and capitalize Have been.”

Ceo.ca is a Canada-based mobile investment conference where users can discuss stocks and track their performance in real time. Executives and insiders of some companies, which are asked to disclose their relationship with the shares, also join the platform to talk business with the shareholders.

The platform, known as “the largest junior resource and venture investment community,” has seen rapid growth in its user base, Duggan said. “We have 11 million lifetime users, we get a few million new monthly users a year. We’ve never seen as much growth as we do now. We’re growing about 129% year-over-year in members—which is a pandemic.” It started during 1950 and continues till springboard.

Ceo.ca” was founded in the community enterprise space, so SThe mall-cap space, and it evolved to reflect the overall state of the enterprise market, is heavily weighted in the junior resource space. as platform, owned by EarthLabs, Inc. SPFAs it continues to grow, it is expanding the platform by adding 50,000 new channels to cover stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, OTC, London-based LSE and the Australian ASX.

According to Duggan, a lot of the growth is coming from the younger generation. “Young users are coming in, irrelevant to our nostalgia, as generalists are starting to talk about this market for the first time.” Duggan believes AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. AMC gold and silver mine share Highcroft Mining Holding Corporation HYMC Could inspire new interest from Generation Z and Millennial investors.

“I view the AMC investment in Highcroft as really a kick-off in the generalist space I see in the mining market,” Duggan said. Be the first place to invest.

“It’s exciting to see a little bit of the youth back in the market,” Duggan said. And in reference to junior mining stocks in particular, he said, “We haven’t traditionally seen the younger crowd getting into them, but now we are.” An influx of young investors is joining the debate on the platform to discuss and share ideas about popular mining stocks Patriot Battery Metals, Inc. PMETFThey said.

But it’s not just mining stocks that are attracting attention on Ceo.ca. “With the explosion of ChatGPT we are seeing this huge focus on AI stocks mainly in the States but there is some Canadian transition as well and it is the new hot thing right now. This is the highest increase after mining,” he said.

Joshua Duggan on the 2022 Bear Market and Looking Ahead to the Next Bull Run

Many junior and mid-cap stocks took a huge hit during the bear market of 2022 like their larger counterparts. “Gold prices were down in the bear market, juniors were hit really hard, inflation hit them hardest as obviously their cost is going up significantly. So, the correlation between the price of gold and the price of mining stocks There was an inverse relationship – both major and minor – just because of those rising inflationary costs.” Duggan said.

“Everything from drilling costs to mining equipment to geological costs — were going up in this inflationary environment, so it’s been a bit damaging,” he said.

“Now we’re going to go bullish. It’s really interesting, I was just in Vancouver at the VRIC (Vancouver Resource Investment Conference) and Ross BeattyA mining legend, he (came) saying that almost every single metal on the periodic table is in a bullish trend right now, and I completely agree,” Duggan said.

“You have the lithium rush, which is incredible. You have Elon Musk Saying Tesla might have to get into the mining business because the cost is so insane—they’re locked into that deal Piedmont Lithium, ford Close in their deal for a loan in Australia with Liontown Resources of approximately 300 million AUD, approximately 200 million USD, General Motors just enter $650 million lithium america, That asset alone could support the production of about 1 million EVs per year. So important.”

“Then you have gold, obviously, which has been a bit broken lately. It’s really hard not to recognize the potential for a bullish trend. You have Russia and Iran planning a gold-backed stablecoin, combined The Arab Emirates and India are seeing trade in rupees, so is China. Threats to the dominance of the dollar in global trade are growing.” Duggan said.

Joshua Duggan on the value of the CEO.ca platform

“Ceo.ca has always been the town-square of mining. You can’t get that level of feedback anywhere else. It’s important to simply know what the crowd wants to say in order to shape your thesis,” Duggan said.

The platform brings in about 60% of its traffic from Canada and the remaining 40% from the US, Europe and Australia and is seeing a “large increase in Americans visiting the site to invest in Canadian primary listed junior resource equities”.

“It’s a kind of unbiased place where people can go and actually see in real time how people are feeling and that’s very important in small caps relative to large caps. You’ve got a five billion dollar giant pharma company. No need to read a board about – it’s irrelevant what people really think – but everyone’s thoughts in the small cap world contribute to and relate to the stock price, so it’s just It’s important to keep your finger on the tab there,” he said.

The platform boasts live commodity tickers, advanced chat features, research dashboards for company filings, technical charts, and a community article program where “everyone from analysts to students to retirees to institutional fund managers and CEOs share ideas.” Writes articles on.

The CEO is “coming up with really unique things to educate users about the different sectors in the market, show them there is a fun side and increase the tools and resources for those trying to do due diligence on stocks for the first time.” Trying to take his analysis to the next level,” Duggan said.

“When a press release comes out people immediately want to know what they’re seeing,” Duggan said. “You don’t have to be a geologist in junior mining to understand, but the language is very complex and not as simple as hemp or technology. When they’re putting out drill holes and they’re doing complex programs and analysis and IP surveys and other things, it gets quite complicated for people, and a bit scary if you’re coming in for the first time. But, the google review mindset of coming to the page and looking at other experts or other people Achieving, that’s where I think the CEO has value.

“Youth is cool, connections are good but it’s transparency that’s really important to us,” Duggan said.

“We get all the company filings, so if a company tries to hide a press release on a Friday night, and they file it in Canada or on PR (Season PR Newswire) in the US and it’s spread through the proper channels It still comes in real time for the (Ceo.ca) channel when they put it out there. There is no hiding from investors anymore. This strategy is out the window and on me with small caps Trust that has been a historical strategy.”

Although the platform offers paid subscriptions for advanced features, such as Level 2 (where traders can view real-time bid and ask information) many features are free to use and discussions are free to read. “We want to make sure that we keep this as free and open as possible and make it an open place to learn about mining,” Duggan said.

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