Exclusive: Beyoncé, Lizzo, Drake collaborator Big Freedia talks Weed, ‘It plays a big role in my everyday life’

“People shouldn’t be sitting in jail in Louisiana for selling what we smoke legally in California. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a drug for a lot of people and it should be legal and accessible; period, says the musician big freedia, Born in an exclusive interview with Freddy Ross Jr. Benzinga Cannabis,

The artist who hit #1 on the Billboard charts this year in collaboration with beyonce“Break My Soul,” recently released its own cannabis brand, Royal Bud.

“I have been thinking about this for a long time; It was a natural next business move for me. It was about timing and finding the right people to partner with,” explains Freedia. “Cannabis plays a huge role in my everyday life and I wanted Royal Bud to be inclusive and enjoyed by everyone.”

And she says, “Anyone can be royalty.”

,weed’ a purpose

Big Freedia, who has collaborated with big names like lizzoKesha, New Kids On The Block, Naughty By Nature, Boyz II Men And Fly, Among others, has a long track record as a cannabis connoisseur.

“I love cannabis. My relationship with it has changed over the years, depending on what’s happening with my work and personal life, but overall, it’s a part of my life,” she says. “It sparks my creativity in the studio, helps with muscle tension, helps me sleep when I’m on tour… It’s beneficial in so many ways.”

Having such a close association with the herb meant that Royal Bud couldn’t be just another celebrity cannabis brand. It had to be unique.

That’s why Royal Bud was created with a clear goal in mind: to empower a growing community of Black, Brown, Queer and women-led brands who are writing a new chapter. cannabis History. Thus, it made sense to partner with green queen —queer-led and social equity-licensed dispensary in downtown Los Angeles—to launch.

“I want to partner with and support LGBTQ+ shops, businesses with social equity licenses, and individuals in the space who have historically been marginalized. cannabis industryFreedia told Benzinga.

There Are Three “Fires” in the Initial Royal Bud Lineup strains The eighth limited release in a glass jar has been named Ya Wiggle (hybrid), You Already Know (indica) and Mardi Gras (sativa).

The artist said, “Each one is an invitation to free the mind, free the tension, free the love and forget the rest.”

This is what Freedia smokes and what she wants to share with the world.

no alcohol in the booth

“For me, I prefer cannabis to alcohol, but some people prefer alcohol to alcohol. We all react differently to substances, so I can’t say my method is better for everyone, When asked about Freedia, he replied Hemp as a substitute for alcohol,

Cannabis especially comes in handy when recording. “When I get in the studio, I like to have something to get my creative juices flowing.”

Many rappers have relied on cannabis to make music. And this has been true for decades now. Same goes for Freedia. “I don’t think the role of cannabis has changed in hip-hop. I think the larger culture has changed: cannabis is more accepted now, so there’s less stigma attached to it.”

in policy

Touching on the War on Drugs and its disproportionate impact on marginalized communities, Freedia called for “finding a way to level the playing field.”

“I am not a policy maker… [but] I want to use my brand to partner with and advocate for people and businesses who deserve a fair shot at being successful in this industry,” she adds.

perfect fit

To kick off the conversation on a high note, we go back to a classic question from this column: If you could share a joint with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

“Sylvester,” Freedia replies excitedly, referring to the singer-songwriter who is regarded by many as a trailblazer of gay rights and non-conforming identity in the music world.

“I would love to talk to them about what it was like to be a pioneer back then. He paved my way, definitely!

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