How to Handle Layoffs at Your Small Business the Right Way

With economic conditions rapidly changing since the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses are worrying about what will happen to the stability of their cash flows. Rising interest rates and the possibility of recession have caused many small businesses to start wondering whether they can survive and retain their current workforce. In these cases, businesses can … Read more

How to Start a Funeral Home

Those who have passed away might get funeral services from a company known as a funeral home. The burial, cremation, and memorial services that are provided by funeral homes are for those whose loved ones have passed on. These companies fill an essential function in delivering much-required peace of mind to the bereaved family of … Read more

Cost to Start a Firehouse Subs Franchise

Creating a new company is a venture that is both exhilarating and difficult to undertake. Starting a franchise business is consistently ranked among the top choices available to would-be company owners who wish to launch their own companies. Franchise possibilities are available via Firehouse Subs, which is one of the most rapidly expanding quick-service sandwich … Read more

there is no free mortgage

You’ve heard the term “no free lunch”. The same is true in the case of home loans. There is no “free mortgage”. Sure, banks and lenders will offer deals that make it appear as such. They’ll give you a mortgage without closing costs. or without numbers. But that doesn’t mean it’s free. At the end … Read more

How to Start a Handyman Business

Today’s homeowners and business owners are turning to handyman services in ever-increasing numbers. If you are skilled at making repairs as well as doing other work such as painting, drywall, carpentry, and more, starting a handyman industry could be a wonderful opportunity for you to establish a profitable company. However, launching a company of any … Read more

How the Fed could benefit from lower mortgage rates

The Fed has played a major role in consumer mortgage rates and changes over the past decade. Back in 2008, he began buying hundreds of billions in mortgage-backed securities (MBS). This was known as quantitative easing, or QE for short. The goal was to lower interest rates and increase the money supply. Doing so would … Read more

Subprime auto-loan delinquencies rise to 2019 levels: A dive into subprime lending and securitization

The increase in crimes is not because of unemployment, but because of taking big risks, expecting big profits and getting slapped like in 2019. By wolf richter for wolf street, Defaults on subprime auto loans have spurred stimulus-fueled lows during the pandemic, when borrowers were stuck on their auto loans with money they received from … Read more

What is the easiest type of mortgage to get?

Mortgage Q&A: “What’s the easiest type of mortgage?” Compared to other types of loans, mortgages can be difficult to get approved for. Lastly, mortgage lenders typically require a tri-merge credit report, steady income and employment, and property in the bank. They don’t just take your word for it like they might on a credit card … Read more

How to Start a Technology Business

This article discusses: Tech companies have ruled the business world for the past couple of decades. In 2023, it’s nearly impossible to do business without it being anchored in technology. So, if you have your eye on spearheading a successful startup to get your piece of the proverbial pie, here’s some insight into how to … Read more