Apple iPod creator designs credit card-sized wallet to store bitcoin, other crypto – Bitcoin (BTC/USD)

Tony FadellMaker of Apple iPod teams up with cryptocurrency hardware wallet maker Ledger credit card size coin storage device to like Bitcoin BTC/USD,

What happened: New laser stacks Supports E-ink display. The company behind the wallet said in a statement that the screen is always viewable and can display the user’s favorite art even when the device is turned off with a battery that can last for weeks or months on a single charge goes.

Ledger said Fadell designed the Stack as a device that can be stacked with integrated magnets — a useful feature for users who will own multiple devices.

“We need a user-friendly… No! A ‘user-delightful’ tool to bring digital asset security to the rest of us, not just geeks,” Fadell said.

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why it matters: Fadell said in May that the iPod served as the inspiration for one of the early prototypes of the iPhone, Apple’s flagship smartphone. they called the prototype iPod phone.

recent eruption of ftx And Alameda Research and subsequent results have increased Call for self-custody of digital currencies to like Bitcoin, Ethereum ETH/USDAnd dog coin doge/usd,

ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin Benzinga recently told that self-custody was not easy. “Like setting up self-custody is still hard. You have to figure out a way to have a secure wallet, you have to Carry your hardware wallet aroundAnd you have to write all the words and lots of complications.”

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