Apple Bans TikTok? Netflix merger? 7 Bold Tech Predictions for 2023 – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

There’s no doubt that 2022 was a disaster for tech stock investors. Technology Select Sector SPDR Fund xlk Tech stocks are on track to end the year down more than 28%, but investors are looking ahead to 2023 in hopes that the new year will provide a new batch of catalysts.

Datatrack Research recently compiled a list of several bold tech industry predictions that could drive the market in 2023. Here are seven noteworthy predictions tech stock investors should consider.

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1. Apple, Inc. AAPL The social media platform will ban TikTok from its App Store.
A media executive has predicted that Apple will give China-owned TikTok the boot in 2023. cnbc Recently reported. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida recently introduced a bipartisan bill to ban TikTok in the US and Apple dropping TikTok would surely be good news for him. Meta Platforms Inc meta, Snap Inc snap and other social media competitors.

2. Netflix nflx Will merge with another company.
Two separate media executives have predicted that Netflix will agree to a major media merger by the end of 2023. an executive told CNBC netflix will merge Paramount Global para a paragraphWhile another speculated that Netflix would merge the walt disney company district To make a streaming video Chariot.

3. YouTube will acquire the rights to Sunday Ticket of the NFL.
As of December 21, the NFL has not announced a buyer for its “Sunday Ticket” out-of-market Sunday afternoon packages for the 2023–2024 season and beyond. a media officer told cnbc He Alphabet, Inc. Google google will announce a deal to buy Sunday Ticket rights for its YouTube platform, but Amazon is also reportedly in the running for Sunday Ticket.

4. The carnage of cryptocurrency and the web 3 will continue.
The so-called 2022 crypto winter is headed Bitcoin BTC/USD prices and Ethereum ETH/USD To lose about two-thirds of its value this year. The crypto winter has triggered several high-profile Web3 bankruptcies, including FTX, Terra Luna and Celsius, and ledge Predicted rising interest rates and the prospect of a 2023 recession will continue the wave of Web 3 startup declines.

5. Metaverse will play a big role in e-commerce.
In a compilation of 2023 tech trend predictions, forbes Recent developments have highlighted the growing role of the metaverse in online shopping in 2023, including the potential for online shopping avatars and fully immersive shopping environments. If Metaverse becomes an integral part of the e-commerce market at large, it could be good news for Metaverse technology leaders like Meta Platforms. nvidia corporation NVDA And Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc. amd,

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6. Computer vision and deep learning technology will optimize global supply chains.
After more than a year of global supply chain issues,, Inc. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels recently predicted Technologies such as driverless fleets, autonomous warehouse technology and software simulations will help revolutionize supply chains in 2023. Amazon is likely to lead the way in this type of supply chain optimization, but it could impact traditional retailers as well. Walmart Inc wmt and legacy distribution companies like fedex corporation FDX,

7. AI will continue to grow and consume enormous amounts of energy.
In his 2023 tech predictions, Gartner said that artificial intelligence technology is on track to consume more energy globally by 2025 than the entire human workforce. Microsoft Corporation msftBut it could also be good news for both legacy energy stocks such as Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM and alternative energy stocks such as Enphase Energy Inc ENPH,

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