2023: Medical Cannabis Year? Plus, prices drop in this state; 10-Minute Forgiveness

Recreational cannabis prices drop in Massachusetts

There has been a steady decline in prices for more than a year. informed of boston dot com.

according to Cannabis Control CommissionThe price fell to $7.76 per gram in October, an all-time low.

Prices remained above $14 per gram until June 2021, when prices began to decline. Meanwhile, Entertaining cannabis Sales in November came in at $112.2 million, the lowest amount since February 2022, with the exception of July, which earned $132.4 million.

The report said there is concern about this trend for farmers, small businesses and employees “going through it all”.

“There is an oversupply of flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, basically any cannabis product,” said Joseph LechchCEO of cannabis company apothecary,

“The last 12 months have been tough. I would say that prices in the wholesale market can drop by about 50% in a year, which is especially difficult for those who are only on the farming side of the business,” said Brandon PollockCEO of Siddhant Kalyan,

Medical Cannabis: Is 2023 the Year Kansas Lawmakers Introduce a Bill

Sen. Rob OlsonThe chairman of the state’s 2022 Special Committee on Medical Marijuana plans to introduce a medical marijuana bill at the start of the January legislative session, according To NPR.

“I think what I’m going to do — and any member is more than welcome — is to take the information and create a bill,” Olson said. “And I’m going to work with some of the members on a bill and then if anybody wants to sign it in the Senate, they’ll be able to sign that bill and introduce it at the beginning of the session.” ,

DC Council Expands Medical Cannabis Access

District of Columbia City Council has recently approved legislation significantly Expand medical cannabis operations in Washington, DC, informed of General.

Medical Cannabis Amendment Actled by Council President Phil MendelsonWill:

  • increasing the number of licensed dispensaries that can operate in the district;
  • Enact tax relief for operators;
  • codify into law the ability for individuals to “self-certify” that they need medical marijuana;
  • create new cannabis business categories, such as on-site tasting/consumption lounges;
  • change social equity language primarily through changes to the laws surrounding I-71 operators;
  • A courier license is required for those delivering medical marijuana products to patients on behalf of a medical cannabis dispensary.

10 minute pardon?

according To US Pardon Attorney elizabeth oyerDepartment of Justice will soon give people the opportunity to apply for the certificate presidential marijuana pardon,

The process should take 10 minutes to complete, Oyer says, adding that immigrants with citizenship status can still apply through the traditional, in-person clemency process.

The Department of Justice plans to work with the IT department to launch a web-based submission platform so that people can submit online, oyer Told Marijuana moment.

“It will also put the information in a format that makes it easier for us to quickly review and process these applications for certificates,” she said.

The application will require basic information about the date and court of conviction, as well as a “certification” that the information provided is true.

“And that’s too much,” said Oyer.

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