15 of the Best Productivity Blogs to Read

stay productive Many of us have goals, but finding a strategy that works can be challenging. We may even have certain periods where staying focused isn’t a problem, but others where staying on task can be impossible.

Top Productivity Blogs

That’s why reading about productivity is helpful, especially when the material helps you develop your own strategies for tackling it. Read on to discover a list of productivity blogs featuring high-quality information and strategies you can adopt to get over the productivity hump.

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Top Productivity Blogs

1. hubspot blog

The HubSpot blog features a variety of articles on productivity, from tips from experts to lists of their own best practices that can help you be more productive. You can also download a free productivity guide Which will help you learn more about productivity and even prioritize your tasks and projects.

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2. Ali Abdal

Ali Abdal uses his experience as a doctor and schooling to write his blog, The Ultimate Guide to Productivity. In his posts, he talks about what it means to be productive and how people can achieve their own versions of productivity with the tools they already have.

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3. Thrive Global

Entrepreneur Arianna Huffington is the founder of Thrive Global, a site offering productivity solutions that reference technology, science, and behavioral psychology.

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4. Study Hacks Blog

Cal Newport, a computer science professor and bestselling author, is the author of the Study Hacks blog, where readers can learn how to achieve their productivity goals and use digital tools to enrich their processes instead of getting in the way of them. Of.

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5. work in progress

The Work in Progress’ Work Culture section regularly features helpful interviews and productivity discussions with experts to help you learn what that looks like and how to tackle it yourself. You’ll also find unique articles on how to break away from the 24/7, always-on culture while achieving your personal goals.

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6. zen habits

Leo Babauta, founder of the Zen Habits blog, says the site is a resource for finding simplicity and mindfulness in what can sometimes be chaos. The blog has over one million readers who come to learn how to clear clutter, prioritize your interests and happiness, and stay productive and on task.

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7. boss babe

Boss Babe is an online community for ambitious women to find the resources they need to grow their entrepreneurial careers and achieve success. It offers online courses and programs for building skills, and its website also has a high-quality blog with relevant productivity advice for everyone.

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8. chris bailey

Chris Bailey says he spent an entire year consuming everything related to productivity he could, from reading books, interviewing experts and sifting through magazine articles to conducting his own experiments on productivity. Were. He now uses his learnings to write articles about productivity to help readers develop their sense of productivity and become more intentional in their processes.

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9. see girls work

See Girl Works is a black-owned creative agency with outputs of content and strategy that make an impact. It also has a blog that offers all kinds of business-related content for people to learn from, and a section specifically dedicated to productivity.

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10. freedom.two

Freedom.to is a digital tool that allows you to select specific apps and information to block in order to get work done and maximize your productivity. It also has a high-quality blog full of useful learnings about productivity that will help you maximize your potential and learn more about your needs.

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1 1 99u

99U is a career resource from Adobe that helps people build their skill sets and bring ideas to life. Its blog features inspirational stories about creators and their professions, and helpful information about finding the work-life balance you love and being productive.

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12. asian efficiency

Asian Efficiency is a blog that features learning resources about productivity and productivity practices that can benefit anyone looking to become familiar with the subject and develop their own perception of productivity.

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13. marginal

Features articles about the frontier lifestyle and achieving one’s goals, often through connections to science and history. It is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about productivity and how it can factor into global affairs.

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14. james clear

James Clear has been writing about productivity and healthy habits since 2021. He is also the author of Atomic Habits, a #1 New York Times bestseller that has sold over 9 million copies worldwide. On his blog, he writes “How can we live better?” Where he references insights from various fields, interviews with experts, and science-based strategies for improving productivity.

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15. The Middle Finger Project

With his book The Middle Finger Project, Ash Umbirge started a movement centered around “having the nerve to enter any room,” empowering people to take advantage of opportunities and create the path they want. Is. The Middle Finger Project blog features articles about life and entrepreneurship, many of which focus on different aspects of productivity.

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over to you

Visit some of the blogs on this list, read the recommended posts, and see if the advice suits your needs. The right insights will resonate and inspire you to start building your own strategies to be productive, which will help you meet your goals.

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