101 blog post ideas to refresh your content marketing strategy.

Coming up with blog ideas consistently can be a challenge when you have an active website. So, what do you do when it seems like you’ve written everything under the sun?


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Even the most seasoned marketers can sometimes find a brainstorming boost. If you need inspiration, here are the 101 Best Blog Post Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy.

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multimedia blog post ideas

Multimedia blog posts focus on using a piece of media—whether it’s a video, podcast, or graphic—to tell a story or share information.

The key to the success of this type of blog post is to make it shareable. Whatever multimedia element you choose to include, make sure it is original and branded so that when it is shared, people can associate it back to your company.

1. Write a listical blog post using GIFs that your readers can relate to.

2. Create an interactive quiz, like “What type of marketer are you?” either “how well do you know [insert topic],

Blog Post Ideas Startup Marketing Quizimage Source

3. Recap your latest company event with photos and/or videos.

4. Share a video product demo.

5. Create a branded graphic that showcases your process or strategy.

6. Make a video highlighting your industry and write a post about it.

Best blog ideas, HubSpot marketing post about SEO that has a video.

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7. Start a podcast and transcribe each episode into a blog post.

8. Record an interview with a client and do a related write-up.

9. Upload a photo diary of how your company celebrates culture.

10. Create an infographic about industry best practices or trends.

Blog Ideas, HubSpot Sales Blog Revenue Infographic

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data-driven blog post ideas

Data-driven blog posts rely on data and industry insights to make a point. While this information can be gleaned from other brand or industry reports, using original data to showcase your company’s role in the space may yield more specific blog posts.

1 1 “We asked X experts about [insert topic], Here are his best tips.

12. Survey industry professionals on their challenges/processes/tools/best practices to collect data, and share the results in a blog post.

Blog Ideas, HubSpot's State of the Marketing Report

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13. Create an infographic about your analytics and break down the pros and cons of each.

14. Research the most important statistics for your industry and compile a comprehensive list.

15. Segment your blog traffic and explain how you generated it for each channel.

16. Share the best apps your team uses to get work done.

17. List the best tools for your industry.

Best blog ideas, HubSpot's blog post with sales analytics tools

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18. Describe your company’s knowledge base and why it matters.

19. Do an in-depth study of your customers and check the results.

20. Research your customers’ favorite products and share the results.

21. “Here x figures denominator [Role] Must know.”

community engagement blog post ideas

If you are part of a niche or local community, then these blog ideas are for you. The Community Engagement topic is a way to spotlight key players doing great things in an effort to boost company culture, brand loyalty, or employee morale.

22. Highlight local leaders or companies in your area.

23. Interview a local business owner.

24. Create a survey about the business ecosystem in your area and share key findings.

25. Highlight user-generated content.

26. Spotlight a client and share a story about their business.

27. Share real life examples of your product use cases.

28. Highlight employee stories to inspire your audience.

Blog Ideas, Interview with Figma Developer Gavin McFarland

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29. Ask community members to guest post.

30. Make a product or service cheap for readers.

31. Throw a community-based event and reblog it.

Blog Ideas, Pokemon Go Community Program

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Instructional (Guides & How To) Blog Post Ideas

A general blog post category for B2B and B2C companies looking to improve their SEO is how to posts. These types of blog posts explain how to do something or answer questions readers are looking for.

To find out more about what questions or topics your customers are searching for online, look for search terms relevant to your blog and the “People Also Asked” section of the search results. You can then use these questions to help guide your blog strategy.

on google

32. A list of “must haves” for a career in your field.

33. Interview industry heavyweights about their tips for businesses.

34. Post a series on how to get a job [your industry],

Unique blog ideas, TechTarget articles on how to get a job in cyber security

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35. Write a roundup about “X things I wish I knew when I first started.”

36. How to acquire the right skills to advance in your career.

37. The hardest part of your job – and how do you deal with it.

38. Tips to deal with burnout.

39. Write an ultimate guide.

40. Create column pages, or topic pages that link to many other articles on the same topic.

41. Bust common myths about your field.

42. Demo of how to use a specific social media channel.

Unique Blog Ideas, HubSpot Posts on How to Use TikTok

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43. Write about how to properly research and collect data for the report.

44. Recommend the best tools to perform daily tasks related to your product or industry.

45. Share the benefits of a current trend your company has mastered.

46. ​​Answer the top questions people have about your industry.

47. Break down how to write a blog post using your own blog as an example.

multichannel integration blog post ideas

Your company blog is just one channel for your marketing strategy. For blog ideas that focus on multichannel integration, it’s important to share the marketing methods you use on other channels, such as email and social media.

48. Discuss the top social media trends.

Blog ideas, HubSpot posts on top social media trends

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49. Tell us how your most recent Instagram Live session engaged your audience.

50. Rank the top performing social media channels for your brand.

51. Dive into the latest updates from the social network.

52. Explain how you use Instagram Reels to increase your engagement.

53. Hitting a brand across multiple social channels.

54. Share the best Twitter threads you’ve seen about your industry.

55. Share an analysis of your best performing email campaign and explain why it works.

56. Discuss how your brand uses LinkedIn to connect with your community.

57. Share your top social media analytics services and explain why they are great.

58. Break down the most important email marketing metrics using examples from your own email campaigns.

59. Explain how video channels like YouTube or TikTok can be an asset to your business.

Blog Ideas, Hootsuite Posts on YouTube Strategy

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60. Take a look at recent blog posts from your favorite news-sharing site.

61. Round up the most recent news in your industry.

62. Share snippets from your company’s eBook in Roundup.

thought leadership blog post ideas

Thought leadership content is used to showcase your company’s expertise in a particular topic or industry. These types of blog posts should establish credibility and position your brand as a trusted resource with a unique perspective.

63. Describe what your mission statement means to you.

64. Dive into how one company grew its blog traffic exponentially.

65. Break down what an ideal company culture would look like.

66. Write about the ways your company focuses on diversity and inclusion.

Adobe creates blog idea, diversity and inclusion report

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67. Based on the trends of the past year, what is your prediction for the future of the industry?

68. Create company exit lists for remote teams/employees.

69. Describe how your team combats burnout and provide helpful tips for avoiding it.

70. Make a list of industry trends to keep an eye on.

71. Compare and contrast different topics about marketing, business, or your industry, such as different types of advertising.

72. Post a brief description of the latest industry news.

Blog Ideas, LoadSmart's bi-weekly news recap

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content marketing blog post ideas

While almost everything on your blog is considered content marketing, these specific types of blog posts help market your company by giving readers a glimpse into your product, processes and team.

73. Develop a blog post series devoted to frequently asked questions about your company.

74. Invite an industry leader to contribute their expertise as a guest blogger.

75. Curate an office playlist and share tracklists.

Blog Ideas, HubSpot's Motivational Songs Playlist

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76. Create a team member profile to show the company culture.

77. Interview a client and share their results.

78. Reproduce a case study in a blog post.

79. Repurpose a white paper or guide into a blog post series.

80. Write about your daily workflow.

81. Have your team share their favorite ways to use your product.

82. Share the highlights of an industry conference you or your team recently attended.

83. Describe how content marketing has helped your company meet its business goals.

84. Post A “Year of Trial” About the lessons learned throughout the year and how to apply them in the coming year.

85. A roundup of your most popular blog posts.

Blog Ideas, Commonplace Most Popular Blog Posts of 2021

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86. A roundup of the ways your team does successful content marketing.

Diverse/Funny Blog Post Ideas

Who says your blog has to be closed all the time? Showcase your brand’s personality with these fun blog post ideas.

87. Share photos or videos from your team’s recent trips.

88. Make a list of citations.

89. Give an office tour.

90. List of books that inspire professionals in your industry.

Blog Ideas for Marketers, HubSpot Book Recommendations

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91. “How have our workflow habits changed over the years?”

92. Compile a list of weekly/monthly aspirations.

93. Break down your favorite historical moment in your industry.

94. Take popular holidays and create a themed post about them.

95. Explain common abbreviations in your workplace or industry.

96. Start a series where remote team members share their daily work routines.

Blog Ideas CEO shares his work-from-home routine

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97. Tell us a brief history of your company.

98. A peer-curated list of hobbies outside of work.

99. Share the highlights of an industry conference you or your team recently attended.

100. Check out a recent movie trailer and how it was marketed should be noted.

101. Come up with a staff bonding event and see how it went.

It’s easy to get involved in the day-to-day of your industry, which means it’s also easy to participate in the same type of blog posts. Blogs are important for SEO and lead generation, so choosing the “right” topic is an important step in marketing planning.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published prior to 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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