1,000-year-old English manor listed for $13.5M

Talk about buying a real piece of history.

The house is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited house in England, according to Haveli Global, And mixing old with new, the pristine, palatial property has both an indoor pool and moat.

Welcome to Great Tangley Manor in Surrey, an 11th-century estate now on the market for $13.5 million. Listing – which is jointly held Strutt & Parker And Sevilles – Offers other modern amenities (such as electric car charging points and a helicopter hangar) mixed with historic elements (King George V and Queen Mary signed the dining room window with a diamond ring).

“Not many houses can claim to be a 12th-century Royal Hunting Lodge, which has the iconic timbers from the Spanish Armada, named after a William Morris design that featured in Queen Victoria’s Windsor Apartments and featured in Britain’s Renovated by one of the most prestigious Arts and Crafts architects,” commented Philip Dalby Welsh of Seville’s Country Department in press materials obtained by The Post. “This is a home that is testament to how, done right, homes can change and grow over time to suit the needs of their owners, yet not detract from its architectural integrity and incredible history.” are.”

Great Tangley Manor Listing
Various royals have left their signatures within the manor.
Strutt & Parker / Sevilles
Great Tangley Manor Listing
An aerial view of the property.
Strutt & Parker / Sevilles
Great Tangley Manor Listing
The property is set on 9.93 acres of land and has its fair share of modern elements.
Strutt & Parker / Sevilles

The foundation of the estate dates back to the year 1016, and since then no one has ever lived in it in the 1,006 years. During that time, several British monarchs have been associated with the residence, which has also been expanded and furnished by various revered architects. After a 12th-century fire, part of the house was rebuilt as a medieval hall house; Those Spanish Armada woods were added when a former resident made a contribution to the Crown during a war, and received them as gifts in return.

In addition to royals, Virginia Woolf is also known to have visited the home with her father and sister Vanessa Bell—and Gladys Vanderbilt is reported to have given birth to her second child in 1913 while living at Tangley.

The manor was long divided into two wings, but the most recent owners merged them, using the east Great Tangley Manor wing as their primary residence and the Great Tangley Manor west wing as a holiday rental. did. The main wing contained a drawing room, a dining room, a 40-foot indoor heated pool, a sauna, an office, five bedrooms, two dressing rooms, and three bathrooms. The west wing has a private entrance, three reception areas, a kitchen, a study, five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Oliver Custance Baker, head of Strutt & Parker’s country department, commented, “The house, although impressive in stature and size, is welcoming, reassuring and attractive.” “For a place that celebrated its millennium in 2016, it is very special to be part of the process that is finding the next custodian of such an important piece of this country’s heritage.”

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